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Personal History

My name is Steven Coffin and I am 15 years old and have been racing for three years now. I love every second of it. I workout three times a week and a ride two times a week. The season I will be racing this year is at Tulie MX starting in September 2012. I will be competing in 250 C class and Schoolboy.

Riding Goals

My goals for this season is to be in the top 3 every race at Tulie MX. Although I am racing at Tulia I will be traveling to Oakhill Raceway in Texas a few times.I will also be racing at Clovis MX, who as already started their season.

Competitive Highlights

The first race I raced on a 250 I won. When I went to oak hill raceway one year ago I was leading and due to bike failure I could not finish. I got top 5 finishes last year at Tulie Mx. I also won schoolboy class at Clovis Mx which was an OMC qualifier race.