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Rider Updates

Sep 24 2013

Just finished the "DIrtWise" School with Shane Watts. The best instruction I have ever had. With 20 years of ski racing/coaching under my belt, I can not say enough good things about the way Shane's step by step instruction and the methodoligy behind it, is second to no one. When he makes it back to the midwest I will be going a second time for sure.

I posted some pics of the School, thanks to Mike Pohl for taking some great shots.

Steve "STEVO" Lindemer

'Team Lindey's" #371

Sep 18 2013

Well, the race at Millville was interesting. With no rain in the last 3 weeks we ended up with almost 2 inches the night before. The race was a mudder. I was second after the start and stayed in second for 2 of the 3, 16 mile laps. The racing was great with my fellow Sr. B racers. Then I put my bike in a creek like a lawn dart and before I could get out, Two riders went by putting me in 4th place at the finish. The year end is looking very close. I should be able to mannage top 3 for the season. We will see how it all plays out. Currently in First place for the season, but we still have some close racing ahead of us. We will see.

Later, Stevo #371 "Team Lindey's"

Aug 28 2013

What an AWESOME race at the Big Sky XC! The Off road National Championships were excellent. The trail/loop was in perfect shape. About 9.5 was the mileage and it was epic. This being my first big race out of my district/home area. I was not expecting even to finish in the top 10.  I have worked so hard getting ready for this race, physically, mentally, bike prep, etc. But after the first two laps, I was sitting in 2 nd place and gaining on the leader. I did have a setback on the start of lap 3, a rear FLAT! ( Never say I can't, that is what I live by)  And I didn't let that stop me.  I rode the last two laps, 18 miles on that flat and only gave up my current position (2 nd) in the last mile or so. I finished 3 rd! in Sr. B and 43 rd overall in B.

I am super pumped on my result and am looking forward to more races out west. Currently I am sitting in first place in District 23 hare-scrambles and if all goes well in should be first or second for the season.

What a year so far, now it is time to be strong and finish the season....only 3 more races left.

Stevo #371 "Team Lindey's"

Aug 20 2013

Had a great race in Stone Lake this past Sunday, finished 3rd. The conditions: dusty and rocks everywhere. 37 miles and 2:14.00 on the bike and I felt really good.

Perfect last race before I head out to the Big Sky XC! my next message will be after I have taken on the Mountains of Montana.  Whoop! Whoop! Brraaapppp!

Steve Lindemer # 371

"Team Lindeys"

Aug 9 2013

Its been awhile since the last update. Things are going great! I am training had and looking forward to the Big Sky XC in just under two weeks.

Have had a few races since the Carver race (That was a muddy one for sure!). My first Enduro of the year turned out to be an AWESOME race in its 56th running. I finished 2nd in Sr. B. Last weekend at The Range Riders race at Hill City ( an old ski area, Quadna Mtn.) this was a great warm-up for Big Sky with a lot of techincal hills and the such. Had a so, so start and was in 6th place, after the 2 hours ended up in 2 nd again. I am looking forwar to the next race on the 18 th at Stone Lake.

ride on and train hard...stevo #371 "Team Lindeys"

Jun 19 2013

Have had two great HS races in the last few weeks. Carver on the 9th of June was ultra muddy and I did very well for the condition finishing 3rd in Ser. B.

Millville was the one race this year I really wanted to do well at, being it was one of the last qualifiers for the Big Sky XC National Amature Championships. After a very poor start...I was in 18th or 20th not sure. I started my charge for the top 10 ( needing to finish in the top 10 in class to qualify). After the 1st and 2nd  lap I was sitting in 7th, and by the 3rd I was sitting 4th and finished up the 4th and 5th lap 4th.

I was very happy with the finish and my fitness really came into play the last hour of the race.

My next race is the Mora Enduro. Looking forward to it. That's it for now.

Stevo #371

"Team Lindey's"

PS: Registering for the Big Sky XC TONIGHT! so pumped!

May 5 2013

Great race today in Cambridge! Led a couple laps, trailed a couple laps and finished 2nd Senior B. The Norseman Club put on an excellent Hare Scramble event with an Endurocross section, challenging woods and a fun grass track section.  I feel really good about my performance. Time to up my workout program. Pin it to win it. 

Stevo #371 "Team Lindey's"

Apr 24 2013

Sponsors, I have been a ski racer at the National/ International level and now retired. I have fallen in love with Hare Scrambles and Enduro racing.  I am also one of the owners of Lindey's Prime Steak house in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I have started a riding / racing group called "Team Lindey's".

I am looking forward to working with you to promote your products and my restaurant in the dirt bike motor sports world.  Take care and ride on!


#371 Team Lindeys

Apr 21 2013

Well, the start of my riding season just happened for me. Went to Chadwick, MO for some raining. With Snow still on the ground in Minnesota I had to make a trip down south. Well worth the trip, Great riding!

"Team Lindey's"


Apr 16 2013

I can't take it anymore, more snow in Minnesota. I am going south in the next week or so to ride!

Stevo #371

"Team Lindey's"