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Personal History

 30 years old have been riding  since I was a kid always having to ride my buddies dirt bikes not being able to afford it finally at an age I can afford it been chasing my dreams ever cents just started racing a year or two ago live in Humboldt  county there's no charge near me have to drive up to five hours To get to most races have sacrificed a lot with a couple big crashes but feeling better than ever ready to come back strong in the 2017 seriesplease help make my dreams a reality by being able to show up two more races this year and looking good with new gear and new parts from  my sponsors would be a  huge plus 

Riding Goals

 I just started racing a few years so not asking too much writing a new class to so I need to just set a good pace for myself and see where I fall into place and find some things I really need to work on I think starts are going to be huge as always one of my biggest things I want to work on good start put you ahead of the pack that's half the battle