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Personal History

I got my first dirt bike on my 2nd birthday. I didn't start out racing MX though. I started racing BMX when I was 6 and raced Nationally for 4 years. I started riding a 65 when I was 10 and once I started twisting a throttle, that was it. I gradually started riding more MX and less BMX. I have only been riding seriously for 3 years and competing for 1. Sometimes people ask if I play any other sports like football because at 13 years old I am almost 5'8" tall. I think my size helped a lot when I went from an 85 to a 250 when I was 12. I played soccer and baseball when I was younger but I don't have any desire to do anything else but ride and race. My mom and dad back my program 100%. They hired a personal trainer that I strength train with 3 times a week and my dad takes me to the tracks at least 3 days a week. The one rule they have for me though is I have to keep A's and B's in school or racing is done. I am pretty new to the game compared to a lot of kids who have been racing competitively since they were like 5 but I know I have just as much love for the sport as any of them do. I am focused and dedicated and will never stop trying to better myself for this sport.

Riding Goals

My short term goal for this year is to start racing the amateur circuit. I know it is going to take a lot of work and training but I am committed and I will do whatever it takes. I would also like to try to get to the tracks maybe 4 times a week.

Competitive Highlights

I haven't really competed too much. I raced a few local series as a 250 beginner and did pretty well, placing 2nd overall. I have been training non stop for the past 2 months because I am going to race my first amateur open at ACP in November so I am pretty stoked about that.