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Personal History

My name is Tanesha Fink and I live in Gillette, Wyoming. My parents have provided me with one older brother and one older sister. My sister and I both still race competitively. I started racing when I was five years old continuing through the age of thirteen. At that point my family got involved in some other activities so this past season, 2013, was my first season back since then. Unfortunately, I shattered my foot while racing so I was unable to finish the season, but I am in the process of training so that I am ready for the upcoming season! Other than riding, I attend the local community college here in Gillette. I plan on getting a degree in nursing so that I'll have a plan for when I'm too old to race dirtbikes. I also like to snowboard so that I stay in shape through the winter when riding time is limited. Aside from that I actively attend a local church and help with events that take place there. I like to travel and go on as many adventures as I possibly can!

Riding Goals

Since I've been out of the sport for a few years I have a lot of work I need to do! I have many goals this year in order to be as successful as possible. I will compete for High Plains Motocross Association this summer which is Wyoming's circuit. I also plan to race some RMXA races down in Colorado this summer. I will compete in the 250 C class as well as the Women's class for both circuits. I ride for many reasons. I ride because it is what I love to do. Even when I wasn't actively racing I was always watching the motocross/supercross races on TV or the races that were held in my local town. Riding gives me purpose and passion. My life would not be what it is today without motocross. Through motocross I have established many relationships and personal qualities and character that I believe no other sport can provide. I live to ride, and ride to live!

Competitive Highlights

2004 - 2nd Place, Mini Non-Comp ages 6-9

2005 - 4th Place, Mini Non-Comp ages 6-9 

2006 - 1st Place, 65 C

In this past season I was sitting at first in Women's Open and 5th in 250 C before I shattered my foot!