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Personal History

I am !4 years old my name is Tanner Dodson. I really want to get into motocross or supermoto racing. I have a 06' Yamaha TTR 125L which i know is a off road dirt bike, not meant for racing. I am looking to save up for a 125 2 stroke or 250f. i have never raced in competition but have raced friends and they always say i should go into motocross racing. I really want to start racing professionally and see how far it takes me.

Riding Goals

To get sponsered, and race at a track to see how i do.

Competitive Highlights

MY competitvive hightlights are with my friends.... i raced a friend of mine that does race and i kept him off me for 2 laps then he passed me in the last turn and was an awesome rider. We rode on a track designed by a number 1 ranked 125cc rider in wisconsin Hunter Buecheler and that was the track me and the good racer ,John Otte, raced at when i held him off me for 2 laps. I know that i probably won't get sponsered by not competeing in a "real" race but if you sponsers want to see me ride i will send a tape to you when i go to the local track in Chilton, WI. I am just trying to get sponsered and race natoionally because that's the dream.