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Personal History

2012 crashed broke my hip and humous took half over the season to recover now I'm getting back into more racing and getting faster. 2014 :got a new bike and ready too ride. love to snowboard I do competions as well. like to stay active like to do sports I don't see any other way to live. 2015: plan on riding lots more and see if I can make it to the next level of riding.

Riding Goals

Next year goals is to do all of sidra series (enduro ) , Idaho city 100 ( qualifier for six day Europe event and finish with in the top 3, Then do all of the OMC summer series (motocross), Do as many RMX series  as I can, Then do some out of  state Enduros.

Competitive Highlights

2009: 1st over all 65 Beginners class at Western Idaho Motocross Series. Second half of the season started in 65 Open. I had two 6th place, and one 4th place finish.

2010: 3rd place over all Thunder Mountain Series in 85 Beginner. I have been to 17 races in the last seven months. 

2011: Crashed out; broken arm, pelvis, and collarbone. Finished in 8 motos in the top 5 before the crash.

2012: Moved up to the super mini class. Working with Ben Evens. Been in 8 races this year, 2 more to finish the series. finishing in the top half of the class.

2014: I finished 11th out of 52  riders in the Idaho City 100 ( A qualifier for the six day Europe event).

2015: I finished two days 78/122 riders in the Idaho city 100 

2015: In the sidria (enduro) series i got fith in my classes for only doing four races.overall I got 63 out 152

2015: moved up to 250 junior this in omc summer series