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Personal History

I got my first dirt bike at the age of 4 and have been riding and racing ever since. I love the sport, it's been my life for so many years. I used to live in Illinois and just recently moved to Alabama for racing and so I can ride all year round. I'm 21 years old now and still have a lot of racing in me. I'm very happy where I live, and I have a great group of friends by my side to push me to the level I need to be.

Riding Goals

Getting ready for the 2016 race season. I have been doing a lot of training on and off the bike to get prepared for the season. I'm going to try making  Loretta Lynn's this year and get prepared as much as possible to be able to make it. I will also be racing a lot of local races this year to keep improving and to keep building my confidence. I have been training with Joey Dalzell and he has been helping with a lot of training and technique on the bike and also helping me with longer motos. I have been practicing a lot at Heath Harrison's house which has helped me improve with a lot. I have been riding with a lot of fast riders over winter and I can definitely see a huge improvement. 

Competitive Highlights

I really started getting very competitive when I was on 80's and have been trying to keep succeding every year in this sport. I try to improve evertime I'm on the bike to get me to the spot I need to be at.