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Personal History

Hi All, my name is Tenzin Contor and I was born into this world in November 2005 to parents Shannon and Sharnie Contor. I have an older sister Paris who is probably my number one supporter apart from my parents.

Apart from loving motocross I also love anything outdoors as I love to be active and healthy as much as possible.

I also play rugby league for a small local club called Wanderers Junior Rugby League which I love. This is a time I get to play and train 'with' my mates as a team.

We, as a family enjoy spending weekends together whether it be at riding meets or relaxing at home on the rare occasion as our weekly commitments are quite hectic with work, school and sports.

Riding Goals

I personally love riding for the feeling I get when I am on the start line with my Dad standing beside me giving me the last minute pep talk or Mum giving me the thumbs up from side line or my sister standing tall giving me the last second clap or fist pump.....that is what gets my heart pumping even before the gate drops.

This year being my first year in the 9-12yrs class is a huge learning year for me. Jumping up to a bigger bike and again becoming the youngest of the bunch, working my way through the field, challenging myself and learning every race. I love a challenge, which makes for a sweeter personal victory every time.

Next year will be my senior year in my age group and this has been when I have obtained my best results so I look forward facing next year head on, training hard and committing myself to achieving what I set out to achieve personally both for myself and my family who back me every step of the way.