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When summer approaches, the dresses are always worn by women with extremely high frequency. Skirts bring comfort, ventilation and comfort, especially in hot summer days. Every year, the trend of one-piece skirts is updated to remove the old dress models and refresh with new and more trendy and modern dress trends. And here are 5 outdated dresses that need to be replaced, along with 5 trendy choices you should try. Plaid skirts are not completely timeless - durable with time never out of fashion as many people think. This summer's plaid skirt is really no longer a priority, because it does not create a liberal, sexy summer vibe. Instead, crochet skirts - crocheted wool skirts with knitted fabric with long crocheted lines are really the must-buy items. Crochet skirt with neutral colors, golden light... brings a delicate yet seductive beauty when revealing half-closed and half-open skin. Babydoll dresses with designs that cover shoulders and biceps are said to be out of fashion this summer. In the summer of 2023, the strapless dress style that exposes the shoulders, exposes the arms and especially emphasizes the collarbone is considered a " ghế massage " of women in showing off their figure. Strapless skirts don't just stop at the body-hugging form as many people think. This year, strapless skirts are also diversified with spread patterns, A-shaped shapes to create a sense of princess momentum. Gone are the days when polka dot dresses were the signature items of summer because by 2023, they were no longer favored. It's still a patterned skirt, but this summer's hot trend dress is a skirt with loose floral details attached to the skirt instead of printing polka dots on the fabric like traditional. The trend of 3D floral dresses has been hot since the end of 2022, and it really exploded after BLACKPINK's Jisoo released her first product called Flower. Women have now flocked to buy 3D floral dresses, why don't you try it? Put away the one-piece dresses with layered bottoms because they are too cheesy and unmodern. If you like simple but elegant and sophisticated one-piece dresses, consider silk dresses because this is really a must-have item in the summer. Plain silk dresses look luxurious and glamorous, especially the 2-piece silk dress. When Y2K fashion inspired by the 90s took the throne, smooth silk dresses were even more favored. No matter how much you love the classics, please don't wear velvet dresses in summer. The weather is already sultry, the velvet material is not only hot for the wearer but also makes the opposite person on fire. There is another material that is more reasonable and trendy, which is denim. Denim was not only hot last year with skirts, by 2023 denim skirts are really taking the throne, dominating from the catwalk to real life. Whether you choose a loose dress or a classic strapless mini dress, you're guaranteed to look trendy and glamorous this summer. Loving basic and timeless items, French women cannot ignore casual pants when perfecting their style.

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Casual pants are considered "guarantee" for an elegant look, but no less fashionable. French women wear casual pants in a variety of ways, but the common point is that they all have elegance, luxury and smoothness. For more ideas on how to wear casual pants in the summer, don't ignore the following 10 recipes of French women. The most basic way to wear casual pants is always combined with a white shirt. Simple as that, but this recipe is not boring. On the contrary, the combo of white shirt + gray casual pants is also a guarantee for an elegant, sophisticated, but no less youthful appearance. Dressing is a necessary action to create a neat look for the outfit, and at the same time raise the level of the outfit. The girls can wear casual pants in a style that is both personality and elegant when choosing the box-pocket version, and then combining it with a white shirt. Sneakers help increase the dynamism of the overall outfit. You can apply this recipe for weekend walks. Don't miss the plaid shirts. This fashion item is leading the summer trend, and is the perfect "other half" of casual pants. The combo of a plaid shirt and white casual pants brings freshness " " and femininity to the wearer. The set becomes more impressive and luxurious thanks to accessories such as leather belts and gold jewelry. In order not to have to think too much in the mix & match, please combine casual pants with a matching vest. This outfit is feminine, seductive and equally sophisticated. In order not to detract from the elegance of the outfit, women should wear a pair of beige mule shoes. This set of light blue shirt and patterned casual pants is very prominent and youthful. But besides that, the suit also has luxury. Thanks to the choice of black shoes and a handbag with a neutral color pattern, the overall outfit is harmonious. Beige shirt and black casual pants are the perfect match. Any woman can wear this formula beautifully, and score points in elegance and fashion. The French lady continues to demonstrate the ability to elevate the effective style of leather belts. Don't just combine casual pants with a shirt or t-shirt, change your style by mixing with a two-piece shirt