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Personal History

I race as many racing series as I can around the Dallas/Oklahoma City areas.  We race motocross, cross country, and enduros----makes no difference to us as long as we are burning gas and telling those about Jesus Christ.  I am the minister for the Oklahoma Cross Country Racing Association.  I also use my dirt bikes as a tool to spread the Gospel in prisons doing prison ministry outreach.  You see, men in prison have broken the law and deserve to be there; however, they do not deserve to be forgotten.  If we go into prisons and try to act like a preacher...they will run the other way.  However, if we go in the prisons as sinners ourselves and act like normal people (riding dirt bikes, doing wheelies, etc.) they want to come and talk to us.  We can slowly break down racial and socioeconomical barriers and eventually give true hope AND change to them.  Prisoners who do not find Christ have a 97% repeat rate of ending back in prison for another crime.  However, those that find Christ in prison only have a 7% repeat rate.  That is REAL change!!!!

Riding Goals

My goal is to let Christ shine through me at the races and to use my passion about riding to spread the Gospel in the world.  I am very passionate about racing, but am also passionate about bringing hope to the hopeless. 

If a man goes down in a race, I stay with him.  What good is place or position in a race when you have left somebody behind that needs help?  In five years, nobody will remember a place or position they got in a race...but in five years, someone that is down and receives help will NEVER forget the act of kindness they receive.  That is my goal, to let Christ shine through me, set a good example of true sportsmanship, and spread the Gospel.

Competitive Highlights

Although I have won trophies, medals, and championships, these mean nothing unless we represent Christ well and spread the Gospel.