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Personal History

Hello, My name is Timothy Mommens, I am 28 years old, married and dad of 2 children. I've always been a cyclist on uci level en since I've stopped competing I needed something else to live for. I rode a dirtbike and fell immediately in love, when I step on my dirtbike I forget about everything and feel 100% free. For sponsors I might be interesting because I speak Dutch, French en English. I've worked in marketing so I know it is not always about winning our getting results on the bike but more about visibility and getting people's attention. I'm still active as amateur cyclist and in fitness. If you have any questions, you know how to reach me.

Riding Goals

Getting better every ride. Goal for in 2 years, top 20 le touquet. Ride some top 5 or podiums and be consistent so I could turn a good classment in a top 3 in Belgium championship.

Competitive Highlights

I've started riding for 2 years so I don't have a lot of compitive highlights. I've rode 2 races in September in the category experts and my place was 2 times 20/55. A highlight for myself was cutting the rubber of my tires with my 450. Then I felt my evolution.