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Personal History

The assignment of the Macao Health Code would be to assist individuals of Macao in keeping their general wellbeing by way of a collection of assessments and therapeutic modalities based on the International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Health Problems utilized internationally. The principal areas covered in this syllabus are'Thematic Management','Cerebral Palsy and Its Prevention','Maternal Health and Community Development','Meningitis and its Remedy' and'Rheumatic and skeletal diseases'. The critical concepts driving the evolution of this syllabus are: the recognition that individual differences and individual causative agents determine individual answers; the importance of community-based caution instead of institutional care; the interdependence of individuals; and the significance of interdisciplinary studies. The Main resources used in this syllabus would be the MACao Health Code, WHO International Classification of Diseases, World Health Organization, along with the Joint Commission International's Global Burden of Disease study.

There are eight important focus areas contained in the design of the Macao