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Personal History

Growing up in the desert, it is no surprise that I ride motorcycles.  However, this is the first year that I've raced competitively.  Like many other riders, I have become addicted.  Other than motocross, I also play many sports and put my fair share of time in the gym.  Majoritly I spend my time with my family, keeping the sanity in this insane world.  My family supports and encourages me to race motocross, which fulfills my addiction and creates more family time.

Riding Goals

Upon improving my cornering, I'd like to place high in my current series.  If I get a 1st or 2nd, I will move myself up to the amateur class for more experienced competition.

Another goal is to get sponsors for this 2008 year of racing.  This is a tough costly sport with the traveling and constant maintenance.

Competitive Highlights

Having an on-going battle with a friend, we have both reduced our lap times by 10+ seconds.

No fear hole shots give me the adrenaline to keep a fast pace all the way to the checkered flag.