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Personal History

I live in Las Vegas and am 43 years old. I'm married to Anne of 23 years and have two sons. Greg is 21 years old and is a senior in college in Spokane, WA. Ryan is 17 years old and a junior in High School here in Las Vegas. And yes we have a dog....Cody, who is a black Lab.

I have riden dirt bikes since I was 5 years old. I occassionally raced in Washington State between the ages of 6 and 15. High school, cars and later starting a family took me away from riding and bikes for many years, although always remaining a huge fan of motocross. When my sons were 13 and 9 ( I was 35), I got back into the sport and brought my sons into it. Both Greg and Ryan ride and occassionally race....Greg even has his bike at college with him in Washington.

I ride a 2005 Yamaha YZ450F, Greg rides a Yamaha 2004 YZ250F and Ryan a Honda CRF250R. Turns out that I didn't realize how much I missed the sport until I started riding again. I've been purposely working hard at the sport in the past couple of years and am riding better than I ever did as a kid. I eased back into racing again in 2006 and over the past three years have really ramped it up. I / we ride practice or race nearly every weekend, primarliy at one of three tracks within 75 miles of Las Vegas.

We always travel with a 14' enclosed, well equipped bike trailer (with sponsor logos on the outside), pulled by either my Ford F250 or our Class C motor home. My wife Anne joins us for about 40% of the practice days and is there every race day. She supports our hobby well.

We usually attend two of the Supercross events per year, with one of them being the finals here in Las Vegas and one of the Southern California races. We also usually attend the Glen Helen outdoor event. We hope next year to spread our wings a bit with racing outside the Las Vegas area, I'd like to try a few races in Southern California. 

Professionally, I'm General Manager of Sales for Cashman Equipment Co, the Caterpillar dealership in Nevada. We are a dealership of 625 employees state-wide. That role brings me close to many national and local sporting events each year, including the Supercross Finals and the US Open....we supply the track building and maintenance equipment for those events each year. Additionally, because of my Caterpillar job and my riding hobby, I've formed personal relationships with the owners of Sandy Valley MX and Mesquite MX Park. I also have a few fellow employees who ride dirt bikes and several who ride quads (at places such as Dumont Dunes), so the bike & quad discussions are frequent around our office.

Motocross is truly a passion of mine and has become part of our family experience. Even though I'm 43 years old, I thoroughly enjoy, participate and promote the sport and hope to do so for many years to come.

Riding Goals

Entering the 2009 race eseason, I gave up the Sportsman class, as it was becoming a little too routine and not challenging enough. So for the past ten months I've concentrated on the 40+ class.

This season the 40+ class at Sandy Valley MX and Mesquite MX have become very competitive. We've had as many as 15 - 20 on the gate and the level of riding is really picking up. There are a couple of fast ex-racers who have re-entered the sport and we're getting some racers from Southern California. This has been good for challenging one's self and working on becoming faster.

I've been pretty consistent, averaging 4th place finishes through the season. I went 1-2 in one race, resulting in 2nd and 2-3 in another, resulting in 3rd. During the Fall of 2009 and throughout 2010, I'm going to continue trying to improve, with my eye on winning a couple of races and averaging 2nd or 3rd.

I also will be continuing to improve my health, for general reasons but also to assist with my riding and racing.

Competitive Highlights

Race Highlights


- Silver State Fall Series > 3rd overall in 40+ class and 3rd overall in Sportsman class

- Sandy Valley Motocorss hosted a Nevada California State Championship race, which had a large regional draw. I finished 4th in 40+ class and 3rd in Sportsman class


- Silver State Fall Series > 1st overall in 40+ class and 1st overall in Sportsman class


- Silver State Spring Series > 5th overall in series, in 40+ class

- Nevada California State Championship race > 5th overall in 40+ class

- Sandy Valley Summer Series > 4th overall in series, in 40+ class

- Throughout 2009, am averaging 4th place finishes