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Personal History

I was a Auto/Equipment Technician for 23 yrs. I went to school at UTI in Phoenix AZ and Graduated in 1994 while working in a dealership down there.  I spent the next 6 yrs working for Cheverolet and then 17yrs as a technician for Pierce County.

I have relocated to Peoria, AZ a little over 2yrs ago and now work in Dental equipment repair. 

I raced BMX as a kid and then moved on to car racing when I was 18. At the age of 26 (1998) I took a break from car racing and bought a Motorcycle to ride with friends. Three months later I went and saw a Hare Scramble and decided that I had to give it a try. From their my competitive spirit took over.

I had been a active member of River City M/C for 17yrs. We held 4 events a year(2 Enduros, 1 Hare scramble and a Poker run) and give hundreds of hours volunteering in trail maintenace at local riding areas. I am now looking to find a new M/C club to join in AZ.

I finished 2nd in the NMA Enduro series in 2017 despite missing the final race of the year because of relocationg.

Riding Goals

To compete and win as many races and the 40A championship in 2021 in the AMRA series.
I plan on racing the AMRA series and a few other select races throughout the year. Tecate Enduro, etc

Competitive Highlights


2nd AMRA Racing Series 40 A



2nd NMA Enduro Series 40A

5th overall NMA Enduro series




2nd in NMA Offroad Series VET A

3rd  at rd3 of WORCS Vet A

3rd  at rd3 of WORCS Sport A



4th in WORCS 30+ A

3rd in WORCS Sport A
2nd in NMA Offroad Series 200 A
5th in WORCS 30+ A
13th in Worcs 250F A
3rd in NMA Enduro Series 200 A
6th in NMA Offroad Series 200 A
NMA Enduro Series VET A Championship
WORCS Series 30+ A 7th Overall
2003-04  Recovering from injuries at WORCS rd 2
Winning rd 1 of 2003 WORCS Series 4 Stroke A in Phoenix, AZ
WORCS Series 9th place 4stk
NMA Enduro Series 3rd place Open A
NMA Offroad Series 5th place Open A
WORCS Series 15th 4stk
NMA Enduro Series Open B Champion
NMA Offroad Series Open B 4th place
NMA Offroad Series 4stk am 2nd place