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Rider Updates

Nov 16 2022

After breaking my right arm 8 weeks ago I thought that my AMRA season might be over. On November 8th my orthopedic gave me the ok to do as I pleased as the break in my arm was healed. However, my arm was very weak, and I had limited range of motion. I don't think he expected me to go race my dirt bike.

5 days later was the final round of the AMRA Offroad State Championship Series. I had missed the previous round due to my arm. I had not lost a series race all year and so I could still win the 40A championship if I finished the final round 8th or better. So, I decided to give it a whirl knowing my arm was week I knew I had to be careful.

I amazingly got the hole shot and lead for several turns and finished the first 5-mile lap in 3rd. I dropped back to 5th because I couldn't push enough to stay with the leaders. I was able to put a gap between me and the rest of the pack and finished in 5th which was all I needed to win the championship and go back-to-back as the AMRA 40A Champion.

Thank you so much to those who help me out.

TBT Suspension, Twin Air, Ogio, ASV, SXS Slideplates


May 24 2021

Round 5 the Rough Rider of the AMRA Arizona Off-Road State Championship series went great! I got the hole shot and lead from start to finish winning by over 7 minutes. This makes it back to back wins for me going into the summer break. I already can't wait for the next round.

Thank you to all that help me out! FXR, Twin Air, Ogio, ASV, TBT Suspension, SXS Slide plates

Apr 20 2021

After 5 second place finishes in the last 11 races I finally broke through to the #1 spot  at the Camp Wood 2 day ISDE Qualifier. After finishing day one in 1st place by just over 40 seconds I was feeling determined and confident that I could extend that lead on day two. I finished day two 1 minute 17 seconds ahead of the next rider. 

Winning both days gave me my first win since moving to Arizona and racing the AMRA Series.

The next race has been postponed and rescheduled to the end of the year. So the next race is a month from now and I'm feeling good about following up this past weekends performance with another win.

Thank you to all of my sponsors. TBT Suspension, FXR, Twin Air, OGIO, ASV, SXS Slide plates, Amsoil

Dec 17 2020

As this crazy year and racing season comes to a close I would like to thank my amazing sponsors that help me be competitive in a sport that I love.

FXR Racing, OGIO, Twin Air, TBT Suspension.


I finished the AMRA season 2nd in 40 A and 19th overall for the series.

I'm pretty happy with how my season went being my first full year racing down here in Arizona after moving from Washington.

The 2021 season starts back up in 3 weeks and I working hard to be better prepared for the different terrain. My plan is for a few wins this year while trying to win the Championship.


Thank you again to all that have helped me out through 2020

Todd Miller