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Personal History

This is our 13th year of racing and new for 2008 is that we have switched back to competing in Motocross after fielding national snocross teams for 5 years. We will be fielding a 3 rider team competing on the AMA District 23 motocross circuit as well as many other events in the Midwest.


Bobby Droher is our premier rider running in the A class for 2008. Bobby has been running most of the amateur national events around the country for the past 3 years while also dominating the B classes on District 23. For 2008 Bobby will be racing the AMA District 23 (250A & OpenA), Amsoil Sandbox winter series (16-24A & 125A), & the Motokazie winter series (125A & 250A).


John Emmeck is our second rider and also will be running in the A class for 2008. John will be racing the AMA District 23 (250A & OpenA), & the Amsoil Sandbox winter series (125A & 250A).


Alex Peper is our third rider and will be running in the B class for 2008. Alex will be racing the AMA District 23 (250B & OpenB), & the Amsoil Sandbox winter series (16-24B & 125B).


In addition to the above events we are trying to attend select AMA Motocross outdoor amateur nationals and any other local events we can fit in.


Riding Goals

Our goals for the 2008 season are to finish on the podium each and every round and be a title contender in the championship chase for every series we compete in!

Competitive Highlights

For 2008 we have already been very successful:


In the Amsoil Sandbox winter series we won the 16-24A, 125A, & 250A championships as well as 2nd in 125A, 2nd in 125B, and 3rd in 16-24B.


Bobby also finished 4th in 125A and 5th in 250A for the Motokazie winter indoor series. We were within 2 points of 1st for both classes but missed the last 2 events due to injury.