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Personal History

How I got started

When I was a lot younger my Dad raced a lot of cross country and enduro events.  He always wanted to race motocross and he refers to me as, "his way in."  We did it together and that is when I found something that I will never give up!!

What inspires me to compete

My dad is my inspiration i love the look in his eyes after I win a race it makes it all worth it

Why I compete

I compete cause it`s fun. And how am I going to get a contract if I don`t.  Mainly I live to ride and can't imagine life without the adrenaline!

Riding Goals

Goals for the Future

Next season I plan on doing all the arena crosses I can, to get my AMA pro license and attend some supercross and motocross events.  I also plan to start working out a lot more.  I have started running at night and want to keep working on that.  I really think that cardio is a great way to help keep me in better riding condition

Competitive Highlights

I started racing when I was four years old.  By the time I was seven I had two Idaho state championships. And founf myself moving up to sixties and they were a great challenge and for a couple years I had sub par results.  Things really turned around for me when my dad took me to a Gary Bailey school after that things came alot easier, i figured out what a clutch was. They taught me so much at the school I was really happy with the results! I won the state championship twice when I was on sixties. The next step was eighties and I really enjoyed this time. I did great, won a state championship in the junior class.   The next year I won the Idaho state championship, and the wild west national championship and was the number one qualifier for the Suzuki RM cup.  It was there that I  got a reality check after I took tenth place. The following year was 125's.   After spending a half of year in the junior class, they moved me to the intermediate class and I  took second in Washougal in the intermediate class and won the state and wild west series the next year. My pro career has been injury filled but i have got my life back in order and I'm very focused, healthy, and I wont give up until I'm sitting on the podium at a supercross or a national.