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Personal History

   Hi, My name is Tommy Gerlach and I live in Colgate Wisconsin. I am 12yrs old, soon to be 13. I have been riding since September 2009 on a kx65 and have fell in love. My first race was in 65cc 7-11 in April 2010. I got lapped by about every single kid in that class. But by the end of the year I was beating kids that lapped me. I got 4th place over all in the Gravity Park Dirtgrinder series. The next year I came back in 85jr on a 2001 kx85. I won my first race. The next race I got 2nd. I had positive finishes throughout the year which got me a 3rd place in the championship. During the off season I practiced at a local track called Racine Indoor Motocross. It really helped me stay fit and get faster. I came to the first race and got a 3rd in 85jr and a 5th in mini open. The next race I went 1-2 to get 2nd overall. I had a terrible middle season as I was wondering if motocross was the right thing for me. I realized it was. Even with missing a few races and having some bad crashes I made it out with 6th in 85jr and 10th in mini open... out of 50 kids. I have been practicing at more district tracks and am ready to start racing more there. When I am not riding moto I am playing the guitar and drums. I love music very much and have been playing as long as I can remember. I wrote a song on the guitar that got 1st place in my area and 2nd place in the state. I actually wrote a song for motosport when they where giving 4 free tickets away to Millville and won them. Other than music I am the starting point guard for my 7th grade basketball team. I am also a pretty good mx vs atv alive player on the xbox.

Riding Goals

This year ( 2013 ) I am planning to hit more district races. I am trying to maintain a stable workout program to keep me in good shape. Eating healthy will also be apart of it. I'm sick and tired of not winning and not being in the top 5. I am determened to ride faster and not be afraid of big doubles and other jumps. I am ready to enter 85 sr and possibly 125jr. So dear 2013 moto season... Come at me Bro.