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Personal History

I am a four year old kid who loves riding dirtbikes with all of my friends and makes friends with everyone at the track.  I love passing them and as I go by they get to see my batman cape flying from my chest protector.  I get good grades and conduct in school so that I can ride and race as much as I want.

Riding Goals

I plan to get better at every race and hopefully qualify in the PW class at Loretta Lynn's.  I practice daily and ride my big bikes as much as I can so that my PW feels like a toy.  I plan to go to every big race in Texas.  My mom and dad bought a camper so we can go overnight to races.

Competitive Highlights

My first race that I ever entered was against 12 PW riders.  I had only been riding dirtbikes for about 6 months at the time and only had my PW.  Some of the kids were almost 7 and I was the youngest and smallest.  I got a 3rd overall and now I have the picture of me at my first race with my 3rd place trophy on my homepage.

Since then I have raced almost every weekend to get better.  When I am not racing I go to the tracks around my house and ride for at least 2 hours each time.

I already have so many trophys they are falling off of my bookshelfs.