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Personal History

My name is Trace P. Duncan, I'm 14 years old and I love to race motocross. When I was 3 my grandfather bought me my first four-wheeler, which I rode all the time. I kept telling him " I want to go faster!" We did all we could to make it faster but still I wanted to go faster. So for my 6th birthday my dad bought me my first dirt bike (Pw 50) and I have been ridding since! The first time I threw my leg over the bike, I have always felt the love for the sport. I would have never been able to do this if it wasn't for my parents so I want to thank them for spending their time and money on me and my favorite sport. When I am not riding I like to hang out with friends, work on my dirt bike/ bicycle, ride my BMX bike, play basketball, play rugby, or spend time with my family.

Riding Goals

In 2013 I tried for my first time to qualify for Loretta's but sadly I didn't make it, I said to myself " Trace don't let yourself down just because of one race, just get back up train harder and try again in 2014!" In 2014 I was going to try again but sadly we had car problems and then bike problems. As soon as I got my bike fixed I was back ridding again but that was after all the LLQ's. In 2015 I am hopefully going to try and qualify for my second time but while I'm waiting I am going to be training harder than ever. Hopefully I will make it to Loretta Lynn's in 2015 but if not I will do it all over again. 

Competitive Highlights

My first year ever racing, I won 1st place in 85cc D Championship. After that I now race 85cc 12-15, supermini, and Sr. Mini. I have lots of podium finishes and hope for more! I attended FCA motocross camp in 2011, that helped me out a lot, and I hope to attend it in 2014 to try and get faster than ever.