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Personal History

Grew up racing motorcycle’s with my 3 brothers. Had my first bike when I was 3. Raced the Tri-State dirt riders for many years until my senior year in high school in 2013. With many wrecks and injuries I hung my gear up and sold my bike. Now in 2022 I have a 2 year old daughter that I just bought a 2022 CRF50 to get her into the sport I have loved whether I had a bike in the garage or not. With buying my daughter a bike I knew it was time to jump back on a bike and luckily I was able to buy a 2003 CR250 from my brother. 

Riding Goals

My goal is to make unforgettable memories with my daughter and to get more seat to to get back to where I was before I hung my gear up almost 10 years ago and to compete in a race for the first time in almost a decade.