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Personal History

My name is Travis, I am From eastern Michigan and i race all over the state. I love riding and layin it all out. I hope to make it to lorettas this year in 250b but we will see. I work for a local escavating company and run heavy equipment and haul away dirt. I usually take it to some friends houses and add on to their tracks. It makes it that much more awsome. I have a house of my own, a beautiful blond hot girlfriend and a dog. I just try to live my life and swerve arround all the obsticals life throws at you. I m into restoring my camaro and one day drive it. It has a long way to go. I plan on getting married in a few years and one day having a few little motocrossers of my own. Maybe one day they will be on here trying to sponsored!

Riding Goals

I plan on building a sweet pole barn with a lounge on one side and a 30x40 work area with a hoist. I plan on racing as much as possable and practicing at least 3 days a week after work. There is a track 2 miles from my work and any practice helps get me closer and closer to winning more races. I plan on Buying a big lawn mower for my big lawn!haha. I hope to get this new job at a different company with union benefits. I have been paying my own health insurance and it sucks.

Competitive Highlights

Well lets see. Back when i was in C class in 2004 there was this race that was kind of cool because there was 49 people on the gate and there were bikes behind bikes at the line. I got out in like 10th in the first turn and ended up 1st at the end of the heat. I was stoked. The main came arround and again I was like 10th in the first turn and by the last turn I was in second place but right on first. 4 corners to go and i panic reved the 450 right behind the leader in a corner and he pulled off and flagged me by. I was kind of confused. oh well. I got 1st and 1st for 1st overall with a 5ft tall trophie.