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Personal History

I have always loved motorcycle and have always wanted a dirt bike but my parents could not afford to buy me one.  I joined the U.S. Air Force right out of high school, and became an aircraft mechanic.  I got stationed in Japan for my first duty station and that is were I spent the majority of the last 14 years. when I arrived in Japan I got a chance to ride my friends brand new GSXR 600  and I was hooked!  I bought his bike and for the next 6 years I was on my sport bike every chance I got.  I still wanted to ride dirt bikes but I could never find the tracks, on the small island of Okinawa Japan.  Finally about 6 years ago I met some one that dirt bikes and I got a chance to ride his bike and I was hooked again,  I even got my wife hooked when I bought her a little CRF 100. The dirt bike seen was pretty small in Okinawa they had a couple tracks but they kept getting shut down. About 3 years ago they finally got a decent track, that I actually got to help build and they were able to hold a pro race last year!  We recently got relocated to England and am just now figuring out how the races work here.  It's a lot different than Japan and I am so excited to race here,  I could really use any support you can give me, it is extremely expensive to ride and race here. Thanks

Riding Goals

I look forward to riding more in England,  I am starting to meet a lot of new people in the local mx community and learning more about all the races they have here.  My goal for 2016 is to race all 9 rounds of the ESSAC AMX championship and finish in the top 10.  I also plan to race the ACU eastern centre championship where I hope to consistently qulify to race the A class.  I also look forward to start trying some enduro and beach races.  I am also looking to promote the sport mx by working with the Royal Air Force and my unit  in the U.S. Air Force and hold demo days were people that have never tried riding before can come out and try riding on a very basic/safe track.

Competitive Highlights

Winning in the down poor rain on very very muddy track!!!   Then my last race going down when I was in third then getting back up and catching the first and seconded place riders and eventually passing them  to win the race