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Personal History

I'm a firefighter/paramedic and have been in the fire industry going on 7 years. When I'm not working I'm either golfing or at a practice track getting in seat time.

Riding Goals

Goals for 2022 are to hit the year hard out of the gate and pick up where I left off last year. I broke and tore ligaments in my ankle September 14th 2021, and initially my surgeon had me a on 9 to 12 month recovery plan. I pushed through an aggressive PT and continue strengthening my ankle, but I have progressed along far enough my doctor has cleared me to get back on the bike. Each time I get on the bike, my goal isn't necessarily to increase speed, it's to better my technique and form.

Competitive Highlights

Finished 4th my second race in almost two years. With Covid hitting in 2020, Fall of 2019 was my last race until August of 2021. I had a few injuries that prevented me from riding early on in 2021