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Personal History

My name is Trenton Sharp, I am 5 years old and I am in Kindergarten. My world revolves around riding in general! When I'm not on my dirt bike I am on my bmx bike and scooter until the sun goes down! I am very big into anything outdoors and I don't like when Mom and Dad call me to come inside. My Dad teaches me how to work on my own bike and getting my hands dirty is my favorite! I also enjoy the beach and get to visit often because we live near Gulf Shores, Alabama.

Riding Goals

I love riding, its one of my favorite things to do, once I am on my bike i don't stop until I run out of gas or the sun goes down. I have raced in a couple arena cross races and a couple flat track races and plan on doing many outdoor races this year. Currently I have some great friends in the motocross world! Heath Harrison allows me to work on my riding and get seat time at his personal tracks. My parents take me riding every weekend and I practice throughout the week at our house in an open field. We recently have become members at Triple D MX as to have some more variation of track styles and seat time. We are getting ready to run the qualifier in Jacksonville, Florida and Montgomery, Alabama to get us in at Loretta's race.

Competitive Highlights

I am still waiting on more races to fire up so I can start collecting my trophies, plaques, ribbons, and medals! My parents are been very busy working hard to keep up with the gear, bikes, parts, and all the races. I plan on making them even more proud than they already are and improving my skills as a MX rider!