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Rider Updates

May 1 2016

Took 1st this weekend at the local flat track! 

Mar 14 2016

Had 16 50cc riders this weekend!!!!! Let's just say this sports not stopping anytime soon a lot of good riders out there finished 7th this weekend ready for the next!

Mar 7 2016

5 days till Crossbones MX lets get this season rolling!!

Mar 5 2016

Time to load up!

Mar 3 2016

Looks like the weather is going to cooperate for this weekend, ready to lay down some tracks!

Mar 2 2016

Come on 3pm...its wide open Wednesday!!

Mar 1 2016

It's going to be 70's this weekend and I can't concentrate on anything but riding. 

Feb 29 2016

Beautiful day yesterday got some more work done on the trailer now we can fit all out bikes and gear with ease. Pictures to come

Feb 28 2016

Getting the bike cleaned up and ready to get it dirty again. Southern hardcore series is coming quick.

Feb 27 2016

Just got back from Baker Fl and the track was great! We had a fresh groom and nice clay! I updated the pictures from the practice. 

Feb 27 2016

New top end in, now we're headed to Baker Fl!

Feb 25 2016

Getting all the accessories for the trailer in! Waiting on sponsors to cover it!!

Feb 24 2016

Just received my new top end! Getting ready to tear the pw down and get it all set up for the weekend!

Feb 23 2016

Bad storms tonight!!!! Looking like nice packed down track for this weekend!!!!!!!

Feb 23 2016

Working on getting my 2016 season races updated! Sorry for the delay.

Feb 22 2016

Got some seat time today.. new top end just arrived today via FEDEX. Ready to get the bike race ready for the upcoming qualifiers!!!

Feb 21 2016

Just got loaded up with Taylor Beck 97 to go ride Milton MX !!! Let's ride !

Feb 19 2016

Riding Milton MX tomorrow!!!!!