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Personal History

My name is Trevor Pearson. I live in Lake Country, BC, Canada (15mins outside of Kelowna). The weather here is very similar to California for 8 months (very little rain) so I'm able to ride alot. I started riding when I was 6 and started racing when I was 10yrs. My Dad is the BC/Yukon Factory Rep for Canadian Kawasaki Motors and loves MX so I'm able to go to most of the races. BC is a "BIG" area and we have 3 different outdoor series. (Interior, Mainland, & Island) When the weather turns to snow, we race the Canadian National ArenaX Series. That's a blast! Completely different because you don't have a chance to catch up if you fall so getting out front and "staying there" is really important. Traveling "alot", I rode in over 140 motos this year. I ride in 3 classes: 85cc 12-16yrs, Schoolboy, and Supermini. I have 3 bikes: 1x KX85 and 2x KX100. I'm sponsored by Kimpex Distributors (ZETA, DRC, SHOT), VP Fuels (C-12), and OGIO bags.

ZETA levers are the BEST! They are strong and break-away but most important is the feel. Shot Flexor Gear works really well in the warm season and their inner short is the greatest invention of "ALL" time.

VP Fuels was Awesome. Gill Gillett is really interested in helping the young racers and Race Fuel does make a difference.

The 9800 OGIO bags fits all my stuff and although it gets bumped around a lot, it's guaranteed for "EVER".  

Riding Goals

I'm currently running in the Canadian National ArenaX Series which runs right through until March 2010.This is my first series in the 85cc 12-16yrs group so I'm running with racers that are alot older and more experienced than I am. This has been really good. It challenges me. I follow their lines and find my lap times getting lower.

The outdoor season will start up at the beginning of March and will immediately kick into "overdrive". I will be running in 3 series's again this year. (Interior, Mainland, Island)

My goal is finish Top 5 in each. Travelling to and racing in all series means that I "will" miss events in each. This also means that I can't win a series. My 1st priority is to race against different riders. My 2nd priority is to give my sponsors the "most" exposure that I can which I can only do by travelling the entire province.

My brother and I will be racing for Valley Moto Sport/Kawasaki this year. The Dealership is located in Kelowna and is trying to run a "different" sort of team. Though the racers are committed to aggressively competing at the events, there is a strong focus on both Academics and working with "local Non-Profit Groups" to raise community awareness of the "positive" aspects of Children racing MX. My brother and I perform volenteer work right now and both of us are Honor Roll Students so this team looks like a "Great Fit" for us.

Competitive Highlights


'09 Season Overall Results

Provincial "Most improved rider" - all classes

85cc 7-11 years - 2nd overall

Schoolboy - 2nd overall

Supermini - 7th overall


Principles list

Honor Roll

Work Ethic Award

Public Speaking - 1st in District, 3 in Region