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Rider Updates

Dec 3 2021

Here we are season is coming to an end.  Would like to thank all my sponsors and everyone who has helped me and supported me over the last few years and more years to come.  Hope everyone has a great holiday, and we are looking forward to a great 2022!

Jul 2 2020

Haven't updated in quit a while now but bikes all back together, Tracks are finally opening back looking forward to this weekend, hanging out breaking the bike in and having a bunch of fun.  Hope everyone has a safe 4th and ride hard!

Mar 10 2019

Well first weekend bogged out still too muddy couldn’t even get into the parking lot hoping for some warm nice weather to dry everything out out. First MO State race is at the end of March! Can’t wait ready to get back on the bike and racing! It’s been a long winter and cabin fever is getting to me. Shout out to all my sponsors for the continued support here’s to a great summer!  

Sep 23 2018

Oh man big news got my first top finish last weekend!! Through all the set backs we’ve had with the bike and myself finally got everything worked out and got the best finish I’ve ever had!! Want to thank all my sponsors for the support without everyone I wouldn’t have been able to get my bike were it needed to be. 

Jul 10 2018

Had an awesome weekend, I got the opportunity to go to Camp Boom Diggity at Midwest Extreme Park it was a great experience learning from all the trainers.  They all have a wealth of knowledge and for them to share it with us young riders is just amazing.  I would like to thank Motoplayground for putting this camp on.  I would also like to thank O'neal, ProTaper, Ogio, Matrix Concepts, Atlas, Lucus Oil, Dragon Alliance, EVS, Risk, Gaerne, TAG, FXR, Twin Air, Ride Engineering, Rockwell, Scott, Spy, Smith, JT Racing, Torq1, MIKA, Leatt, MSRhp, GOPRO, MOTOOL, Acerbis, Pro Circuit, Decal Works, Answer and Dunlop tires for supporting me and making my dreams come true of riding and racing Motocross. 

May 2 2018

All right here we go Missouri State MX Championship rnd 3 is this weekend ready to get rollin and get back on the bike been soggy couple weeks but looking up for this weeeknd bikes running great, trailers put together and we are ready to roll. Thanks to all my sponsors for helping get my equipment up to snuff and myself as well. Hope everyone has a safe weekend!

Mar 29 2018

Well here we go another wet and soggy week. I JUST WANNA RIDE MY DIRT BIKE!! Any way days are winding down till the next big race, weathers been moody but on the other hand we’ve been able to work on the race trailer and get it set up. Open registration for Camp Boom Diggity opens Saturday can’t wait for that going to be a lot of fun with a wealth of knowledge for 3 days of non stop riding and learning. Thanks to my sponsors for Stickman my with me hope you all have an awesome day!

Mar 18 2018

Alright first race of the year went ok had a couple bad starts but I’m working on them. First race on the 250 as well still figuring it out. Next race is April 8th at kingsville hope its a great weekend! Thanks to my sponsors for all the support!!

Feb 24 2018

Hey everyone we have another soggy cold day here in Missouri was hoping for nice weather but that didn’t happen still wish somebody was going to be open (I don’t mind the mud) but hopefully next weekend will be better. Hope to have my 250 back next week ol girl scattered on me so she’ll be in a fresh rebuild and I hope to get to break it in this weekend. Hope all is well and thank you to all my sponsors for the support you’ve all given me. 

Feb 15 2018

Hey everyone sorry I haven’t updated in awhile been super busy working getting some money built up for motocross season to start!  Can’t wait to get back on the track finally starting to warm up around here got a new bike over the winter. I’m moving to 4 stroke got myself a 2007 Honda CRF250R, haven’t got it out on the track yet hoping to get it out this weekend!!’ Can’t wait want to thank everyone for your support and here’s to having a great year!!!!

Jan 1 2018

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Hope everyone had a happy and safe new year, Nitro AX tour is just 2 weeks away  hopefully we’ll have CR125 back up and running shortly. In the mean time we’ve been trying to stay warm woke up this morning and it was -9 with windchill of -22. Hoping we can get some warmth before the race so I can get some seat time. I would like to thank my sponsors for supporting me and helping me get the bike back together. Here’s to a great 2018!!

Dec 3 2017

Oh man what a weekend! Had a great day riding Saturday then took a bad turn. Came off jump and sheared 3 bolts and broke the hub on my rear wheel. Locked up the back end lucky for me I was coming off a jump and not going off of one when it broke. Time to tear down and rebuild. Have Arena cross in January so need to kick it into gear and get we fixed. Thanks for all the support!!

Nov 29 2017

Hey all been a great year done a lot of good things and got better I’ve made some good progress in my second full year. I took a pretty good spill a couple weeks ago still a little sore but doing good. Didn’t tear anything up so that’s a plus. Want to thank all of you for sponsoring me I appreciate all of you and feel I’ve done what I can to help promote you. Hopefully the weather stays nice for a few more weeks. We have nitro arena series coming through Kc in January plan on running that and hopefully come out with a decent finish and make the main. Well take care y’all and ride free! 

Sep 23 2017

Alright practice tomorrow been a tough year but making gains, bike broke last week got it back together in time for this weekend should be a great day tomorrow thanks to all my sponsors for supporting me and I will make you proud thanks and take care!!!!

Sep 12 2017

Been awhile since I last updated this summer was great riding when I could weather was a big factor then had some bike trouble but thanks to all of my sponsors I wasn't down very long. I appreciate everything they have helped me out with I will continue to get better and hopefully have a great season next year and I'm going to run a couple arena cross races this winter. Hoping to be moving up to a 250 soon. 

Jul 10 2017

It's race week have a couple weekends of easy riding now it's time to step back up and race this weekend I will be going to either Topeka or kahoka this weekend either is going to be awesome, and I want to say thank you to all my sponsors for the support you have given me. 

Jun 29 2017

Oh man what a month got a few really good solid days of riding in then boom rain, but it's been a really good summer so far I've been working on my fundamentals starting to get them figured out and been trying to get as much seat time as I can. Thank you to all my sponsors for supporting me through this journey. 

Jun 2 2017

We had a great Memorial Day weekend got to ride all weekend got the bike tuned up and running great. We have another practice day coming up Saturday the 3rd at Merwin should be a great day. Want to thank all my sponsors for the support you all have given me and helped me get my bike back up and going quick. Also want to thank my Dad and uncle for putting up with me and helping  me be a better rider and being my pit crew/mechanics couldn't do this without you. 

May 25 2017

Man this rain is annoying we've only gotten to race 2 races out of our series since march and have had only a few opportunities to get out and ride, everywhere is fluded or super muddy, haven't had a chance to really break the bike in but fingers are crossed that all my Midwest friends get the opportunity to get out a ride this weekend. Everybody be safe and have fun. Have a great summer!

May 11 2017

All right bikes fixed ready to ride. Now we just need the weather to cooperate these next couple weeks and we'll be good to go. Want to say thanks to my sponsors because of you we had a quick turnaround on the repair. Time to ride!

Apr 12 2017

Finally get a nice weekend and my bike blows up 3rd practice. On the plus side got a solid day of riding in but now weather is starting to get nice my bike is in pieces. Thanks to my dad and uncle I should be back out in a couple weeks. Looks like rain this weekend so at least we'll have a buffer before racing starts back up. Since this has happened it's time to do some maintenance on the bike like checking wheel bearings, putting new fork seals in and making sure everything is in good shape so when we get back on the track we have nothing to worry about and I can send it. 

Mar 29 2017

Rain, rain, and more rain another race cancelled and another one probably this weekend need to go somewhere where it's not wet so I can get some time in. 

Mar 26 2017

Gotta love the Midwest nice all we then poured on the weekend. Got out early this morning but only got one practice in before the rain set in. Ready for next weekend and hopefully the weather holds off. 

Mar 7 2017

Had a fantastic weekend with some great people. Got to see Austin Forkner tear up the track did decent for first outdoor race loved every second of it. Hopefully the weather works out and I'll be riding in round 2 of the Midwest Mx championship series at KCMOTO. 

Feb 7 2017

Oh man here we go!!! Tracks are starting to open up around here and  I am so ready to start riding on these tracks again! If all goes well this week I will be riding Saturday and Sunday this weekend.  KCMOTO and Kingsville are open.  So pumped and ready to go rip it up!

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