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Personal History

My first bike was a 02 TTR125 and I got started off on that bike mostly just trail riding. After I out grew that bike I moved up to a 2004 YZ125, I was able to improve my trail riding drastically while riding this bike. After some mechanical problems with my bike my dad and I decided it was best to get another one. After looking around I found a very nice race ready 2002 YZ125. After getting this bike my motocross and enduro skills improved far beyond what I expected and I have been very happy with myself in the progress I have made this past year. All of my family members ride and race hare scramblers so I have been able to see what it takes to race at a competitive level.

Riding Goals

Although winter is close I still train a lot for the hare scramblers I plan on doing in the upcoming spring and summer of 2014. I believe I can be at top 10 riders of my class. My improvements have shown that I have what it takes to be in the top 10 and I always can get advice from my family members who race.