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Personal History

  • I stared racing quads back in 2007 for a year. I liked it but the more I was around all the bikes at the races the more I wonted to race dirt bikes. I got my first dirt bike in 2011. I rode it for a year then in 2012 I decided to race it. I started at eastbend mx series and then I started doing the Carolina ultra series. I raced the 250D and 25+ classes in both series. I had a great year.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          I had a great 2013 at eastbend won my 25+ class and got 2nd in my 250 C class only lost it by 2 points hard way to loss it but made me wont to work harder this off season. the mega series was not as good as i would have liked for it to be but a injury was at falt their but we will try to stay on two wheels all year this year in 2014.

Riding Goals

My goals for the 2014 year is to move up to the 250 B class and keep it rolling in my 25+ class. I hope to improve each week and each race. I wont to be their each week and hopefully in the points at the end of the season in both my series and classes if i stay on two wheels and keep a strong head about me this year i think all that can happen. My goals are set higher this year and i will be on a new brand of bike and tip of bike. team Suzuki rm 250 cant wait to rip with the 2 stroke machine should be fun.

Competitive Highlights

In 2012 my best finish was a first. I finished 5th in both classes at eastbend and in the ultra series I finished 15th and 5th. Was a great year but 2013 I won't to be at the top of the points.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        in 2013 at Eastbend mx i finished 1st in my 25+ class and 2nd in my 250 C class that i on so goals are set higher this year and ill be on a new brand of bike. Team Suzuki rm 250 cant wait to rip with the 2 stroke lost by 2 pointss. I got my best overall finish in the mega series at the muddy creek pro national weekend in my 250 C class. i got 3rd overall out of 41 riders great day.