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Rider Updates

Feb 28 2014

Hey guys sorry its been a while been hard at it training getting ready for the season. cant wait for it to get hear only 2 weeks and ill be on the track putting it on the top spot. thanks to all that have helped me out and are wanting to keep me on the track thanks couldnt do it with out all the help.

Jul 23 2013

Hey guys sorry its been two weeks since iv updated but i have been layed up at home got hurt at eastbend round 10 hit my head pretty good and had to get stitches in chin. i had to miss pro sport as well due to injury i hope to be at eastbend round 11 the last round of the spring series. i wont to say thamks to all my sponcers and a big Thanks to Atlas brace you keep my neck safe glad i had neck brace on. big thanks to torc one racing to for the great shifter i love it and it looks good to.

Jun 30 2013

Well round 9 at Eastbend was a hard one hit the ground two times in first moto of 25+ and got 3rd and second moto got 2nd finished 2nd overall kinda ruff nite in the class. I got 4th overall in 250c was good nite fast race had a battle in second moto ended up taken the two spots ood nite of racing. Big thanks to Xtream clean for the great cleaning products and thanks to smith optics for the great vision last nite and thanks to all the rest of my Spencer and help.

Jun 24 2013

Well had another great day at Eastbend mx I got 1st in 25+ and am in first in first place by a good amount now. I got 2nd in my 250C class and have taken over the points lead by 3 points now just need to keep plugin away in the last 3 races if I won't to win at the end of season. Thanks to all sponcers for all the help and support. I'll keep it going and hope to stay on top of points only 3 rounds left

Jun 8 2013

I had the best race day of the year. I went 1-1 in 25+ with first overall and 2-2 in 250 c which lead to a fist overall too. Thanks to all my sponcers for all the help and support and a special shutout to smith optics for the great goggles that keep the red clay dirt out of my eyes and clear vision he hole race.

Jun 3 2013

Had a blast at the muddy creek pro national was a great weekend watching the pro's and riden the track weather was great friday and Saturday but race day for us on Sunday was a nasty muddy mess only ha. One moto due to weather but had fun got 3rd place out of 40 great mud race..

May 27 2013

Great weekend at eastbend in both classes now getting ready for pro national at muddy creek this weekend can't wait...

Apr 29 2013

Had the best race day i have ever had. I went 1/1 and finishing 1st overall in 25+ class and I got 3rd overall in my 250 C class. Great race day. Thanks to all my sponcer for the help y'all have made me look good and have made me safer big thanks to you all.

Apr 15 2013

Had a great race weekend at eastbend mx round 3. I got 4th overall in 250 c and in my +25 class I got 1st overall was so pumped. Thanks to all my sponcer y'all have helped me get better and fell safer on the track.

Apr 8 2013

Had a ok day at muddy creek round 3 of the mega series Sunday. I didn't finish where I wonted but I'm getting stronger each race. Hope for a great race day this Saturday at eastbound round 3. I wont to give a big thanks to DeCal Works for the awesome graphics my bike looks so much better thanks guys can't wait to show them offdthis Saturday at my race. thanks for all the help to all the rest of my sponcers too.

Apr 4 2013

Muddy creek this Sunday can't wait and I won't to give decal works a big shout out and say thanks for the great graphic kit can't wait to get it on my new plastic and on the bike. Thanks to all the rest of my sponsors y'all have helped me look good and stay safer.

Mar 31 2013

Had a good weekend riding at my house and a friend's house think.I'm ready for next weekens race atuddy creek

Mar 17 2013

Had a great race day at eastbend. Rocky first moto in 250 c but bounced back moto two and had to great motos in 25+ I got 9th in 250 c and 4th in 25+ great opening round.

Mar 14 2013

Racing saturday at eastbend mx 1st round hopping for a great day and good finish..

Mar 10 2013

Had a great day riden at my track with all my friends.. they pushed me and it helped get me more in race shape. Put my new asv lever on it looks good and works great big thanks to asv and to atlas for the great neck brace that helps keep me safe and thanks to the rest of my spobcers for all the help.

Mar 4 2013

Well had a ok weekend at my first race of the season at muddy creek I ran the 250 c for first time had a top 5 start first moto and was in 8th till I went down got up and got 20th and second moto had bad start and tryed to work though the pack but couldn't case of the muddy track but overall I finished 20rh for the day sorry guys ill do better next race but thanks to all my help and sponcer..

Feb 25 2013

Had a great time at the Atlanta supercross meet some riders and learned a thing or two. Now back home got to get my bike all ready and cleaned up for my first race of the year at muddy creek this weekend hope to do good.

Feb 22 2013

Well we r on are way to Atlanta to watch the supercross race in the Atlanta dome tomorrow should be fun...

Feb 17 2013

No riden all week and now the weekends hear its been snowing. I hope to get to ride at my track at home this week come on weather.

Feb 9 2013

Well I hit up mx 421 today track was a mud hole so we left their and hit up eastbend mx and had a great day of riden felt good and can tell iv gotten a lot better. Thanks to all my sponcer, Asv,smith optics,decal works,atlas and frontline motorsports. Thanks for all the help and support.

Feb 4 2013

Well work all week and hope I get to go ride this weekend.

Feb 3 2013

Well got snowed out again. Track cancelled practice but rain or shin next weekend I'm going some where to ride. But thanks you to all my sponcers.

Feb 2 2013

Well its way to cold to ride to day its 12 degrees out. But I can't wait till tomorrow to ride at mx 421 in NC. I just wonted to say thanks to my sponcers for all your help. Frontline,xtream wash,ASV and smith optics thanks yall.

Feb 1 2013

No riden again its 20 degrees out ans snowing. Spring time please hurry up

Jan 31 2013

Well winter weather strikes again. It's way to windy and wet to ride. I can't wait for spring so I can ride every day.

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