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Personal History

My name is Tryce Hudson.  I am a 12 year old, honor student, in the sixth grade.  I live in a small town in Southern Indiana.  I live in the city but I make the most of my back yard by practicing starts, braking and turning.  My Dad makes me work on my own motorcycle.  He gives me a list of things to check.  He says that I need to know how to work on the bike as much as I need to know how to ride the bike.  

When it's not a race weekend, my parents take me to one of two off-road riding clubs in our area.  I enjoy this time because I get to ride along side my Dad, Mom, 16 year old sister and little brother who will be 6 soon.  I am the only one racing right now because my Dad had a motorcycle accident and broke his back.  I also get to ride with my cousins and friends.  That's lots of fun, but nothing is as exciting as race day.

I started my motorsports career when I received a Cobra 50 four-wheeler for my third birthday.  I then learned how to ride my bicycle and got comfortable with two wheels.  This allowed me to move on to a JR 50.  I quickly grew into a KX 65 and now race competitively on my 2009 KX 100 and my 05 KX125 that I race in the buddy class with my dad.

I also ride in many charity events in my area that raise money for children with special needs.  People at these races are there for a good time and a great cause.  

Riding Goals

I have began competing in the Mid South Cross Country (MSXC) Winter Series.  I have enrolled in the contingency program for this series.  I enjoy the new trails and new people I get to meet in these races.

I will again participate in the Southern Indiana Grand Prix Series (SIGPS) in 2013.  

Enrollment in the Kawasaki factory contingency program is a goal, but I have to save more money to buy a new bike to qualify for the 2013 program.  I would like to make as many of these races as possible if I can get the new bike so I can join.  

I will also race in 2013 Black Coal National Harescramble.  

My goals for 2013 will include as many races as my families' schedule and budget will allow.  Riding my dirtbike is the only activity that gives me this much satisfaction.  I enjoy meeting new people, and experiencing new off-road terrain. 

I plan to continue to be an excellent student and spend my extra time and energy riding my dirtbike.  I try to be faster and more aggressive with each race.

Competitive Highlights

2010 Southern Indiana Grand Prix Series (SIGPS)-KX 65-1st place overall

2010 Black Coal National Hare Scramble-KX 65-2nd place

2011 Southern Indiana Grand Prix Series-KX 85-2nd place overall

2011 Black Coal National Hare Scramble-KX 85-3rd place

2010 Combined Wins Overall-7 Trophies/Awards

2011 Combined Wins Oveall-9 Trophies/Awards

2012 I finished 3rd overall in my class after I missed 3 races because I broke my elbow

I am very proud of my track record so far.  I will continue to work and condition for a successful future.