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Personal History

My name is Tucker I'm 21yrs old. Started racing when I was 4 and took a break once I turned 16. I won multiple series on a 50cc, and won several races on a 65cc and 85cc. I started back up once I turned 19 on a KTM 125, had a wreck and was forced to stop racing for a shoulder surgery. I got a 250 once I turned 21 and looking to get back in it in the following motorcross season. Money is a little tighter than it use to be so all sponsors help, I live and breath dirtbikes, I would love the chance to be able to race with sponsor help and really see what I can do. 

Riding Goals

Goal is to finish in top 5 in point in the following motocross season. Also my goal is to build up my stamina to hold up for a 30min moto and to also be riding novice/pro by end of season or start of next.