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Personal History

I always wanted to ride as a kid, and my dad wouldn’t allow me to ride a dirt bike. I always wanted to race growing up. Instead I was forced to play football, baseball, and basketball. 

2 years ago I was riding street bikes and thought that was what I wanted to do. I went camping one weekend 2 summers ago up at rampart range.  I got the chance to ride a 450 and a 250 and determined that I would not get a 250 as would get bored considering my background with street bikes. With that being said nationals at Thunder Valley were the following weekend, and the pros were doing a signing at peak Honda world, and in the showroom I saw the bike I had to have 2013 CRF 450R. That following Monday I took my street bike to peak Honda world and traded in my street bike for a dirt bike and I have been hooked ever since. I’ve been putting in a lot of seat time to get we’re i would like to be on a dirt bike, and with the 13 450R I started feeling uncomfortable on the bike, so this year I took the 13 and sold it to peak Honda world and purchased myself a brand new 2019 crf 450R and I have felt amazing on it. I have not had a mentor or anybody to help teach me ride, so everything I know has been self taught and the techniques I know and use are just from watching the guys out at the track or on TV. So at 30 years old I’m living out my child hood dreams, I entered late in the season this season just because I was nervous of the unknown. And doing so it’s one of the best things I’ve done. It’s opened my friendships to a lot of people and a lot of people wondering how I am where I am on a bike. 

Riding Goals

I’m anxious to race, and I want to get good enough to move the 450 A, B, C classes and even open pro classes. Goals I have for next season are conquering the Vet 30+C class before moving to the next class. If I keep putting in the seat time like I do, I won’t take me very long to do just that. I have a few pro friends that I went to school with and always knew the ride, and wanted to so bad. 

Competitive Highlights

I’m a super competitive person, but at the same time I love to have fun. Dirt bikes and racing and the moto community have opened up my eyes to a whole new deal of happiness. As long as I’m having fun why not be competitive as well.