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Personal History

Well my name is Ty Wesbrook and people call me Ticker after my open heart surgery to replace my Aortic Valve and Graft my Ascending Aorta due to an aneurysm. I have been riding since I was 6 and racing shortly after. I am a disabled Veteran and, I served the United States Army!! Know matter how far the Army took me two wheels and a mx track was the first thing I googled!! I am happily married with 3 kiddos ( two boys and a girl)!! My oldest son is starting to race now as well!! I am not as competitive as i once was due to my medical situation but i still bang bars and use my past success to help build my son!! My son loves to ride and I love to help him!! I believe kids respond better when the person telling them to do something can do it and show them regardless if i have to jump a double double 30 times before he gets it!! At lease he sees it is possible and i am not asking him do a task I myself can not do. My youngest son is 17 months old but can not wait for him to start!! I use my heart to my advantage and it motivates me to have fun and just ride! I tore my patella tendon back in november 2013 and they operated in january 2014 so we missed most of the race season until the last few weeks. My goals are simple year in and year out!! Set a good example for my kids and other racers!! Talk to them about different ways to face adversity and deal with it in a positive manner!! While we all want out kids to be the next Reed, Carmichael, etc. I want mine to have fun and still work hard. Our race goal would be to run the Parts Unlimited Ultra Series, and shoot for Lorettas. This will be my sons first year on a 65 but heck he can do it!! That is about it besides i go to college and I am a firefighter and my son volunteers at the humane society (He is 7)!  

Riding Goals

  1. Get landyn use to the SX65
  2. Race full year parts unlimited ultra series
  3. Place minimum top 3 for myself and if I like to see my son top 5 due to first year on 65
  4. qualify for Loretta's 
  5. have fun teaching my children and helping fellow racers with what we can! Winning is fun but I like competition so helping others become fast only fuels my fire! 

Competitive Highlights

Multiple track Championships 125 C and 125 B 2001-2003 District 18 (Illinois)

Top 5 Finish Cornstock 100 Lincoln Trail Motosports Park 

+25 colt ford Classic winner Outback mx park

This was my sons first year and due to my injury he was not able to race full series but he has finished Top 5 or better in every race in 2014 we were able to attend in the 51cc open and 51cc beginner classes!