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Personal History

  My name is Tyler Arredondo. I am twenty years old. I have lived here in Lavaca, AR my entire life. I now work full time at Macsteel-Gerdau in Ft. Smith, which is the largest city nearby. The advantage of working at Macsteel is I have great health insurance and good pay. I live in a pretty good location for motocross. I live within fifteen miles of two different tracks, and only a few hours away from Texas. I have been racing for fourteen years. Beginning when I was six to now, currently racing pro.

Riding Goals

  In 2009, as a first year pro, I qualified for Loretta Lynn's National for the first time. That was a milestone that I had tried to reach for twelve years. I hope that was the first of many to come. I am working on my speed, techniques and fitness everyday. I want to improve every week. I know I'm not as fast as I can be, I haven't peaked yet, it is yet to come.

Competitive Highlights

  One of my best moments of my career was when I became the 2007 Grand Champion in the Arkansas State Series, winning two state titles that year in the 125 Intermediate and Schoolboy classes.

  In 2008 I had two major injuries and did not get to race that much, but I felt like it may have helped me in away. It made the fire burn hotter and hotter.

  The greatest highlight by far was in 2009, when I qualified for Loretta Lynns in the 450A and an alternate in the 250A class. I learned alot at Loretta's from the racing, competition and total atmosphere there.

  I must also say one other thing that is a highlight, is when I do get to race local.  (Got to keep the local ties strong!) I will go on the track thinking I raced to the best of my ability. After the race when I come off the track , there will be kids lined up along the fence shaking my hand or just wanting to give me high five. When this happens, I don't have to think, I know I raced as good as I could. I'm glad I can be a role model for lots of people.