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Personal History

I have been riding since i was five. Took a crack at racing but was not a fan. Then started racing again for a few years when i was about 11. Again could not get to into it. I have been racing now since i was a junior in high school and have had numerous top 10 finishes, quite a but of top fives and ev a first place or two in my 3 years as a C rider. As of right now i am just doing simple fun races to stay in shape and continue to improve as it is supercross season here in Colorado, and i mainly stick to Motocross. For 2014 i am making the jump on my own, not by being marked out to the 250 B class in Colorado. Over the past four years it is what i have strictly become. I trail ride and play ride on occasion but as a full time college student with a job trying to make ends meet i put as much free time as i can into being a competitive racer. I love racing to death, its my life and i would love to represent anyone who is willing to help me out.

Tyler H. Baird

Riding Goals

My goals are to become a top five threat week in and week out in a very competitive B class next year, and eventually evolve to become a local pro and to become a rider others can look to and seek support and guidance from in the future. My main goal though, is to always just continue to get better as a racer and rider.