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Personal History

My name is Tyler Belue. I am currently 22 years old and spend most of my time around dirt bikes. I really enjoy every aspect of riding and racing. My girlfriend also races and so does her dad, so the sport gives us all something to bond with and gives us something to do positive while spending time together. I also enjoy the environment of racing. I feel it surrounds me with good people that can help in all aspects of life. The biggest reason I like racing is because it gives me something to work for, I can see my progress and I can see how much work I put in gives me happiness on race day and it's something to feel proud of. Other than racing I spend a lot of time working. Currently I work as a maintenance technician at a steel stamping plant. (Most of the time at work , I'm thinking about riding). Other than that I spend time with my family and just try to enjoy all little things in life. 

Riding Goals

My goal for the rest of 2016 is to finish the Mideast Harescramble Series inside the top 3 in my class. This off season I plan to put in as much work as possible and move to B class for 2017. In 2017 my goal is to attend all GNCC events and all Mideast Harescramble events. My main goal is to get as much as experience as I can in 2017 and come out in 2018 and go for a national championship in GNCC. 


Besides harescramble racing i plan plan to attend local motocross races and arenacross races for fun and to compete with friends that only ride theses events  


Competitive Highlights

First year racing 2014 Mideast Harescramble Series finished 4th in 4 stroke C lites. 

2015 finished 3rd in points at Mideast Harescramble Series. 

2016 won my class at GNCC event big buck