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Personal History

My name is Tyler Lee Biggs and I like to race my dirtbike and ride with my family. I like to ride my RM65 and getting ready for this upcoming Summer SX held by Victory Sports. I finished last Summer SX placing 3rd in the overall point standings with a 255 and 2nd place being 254 riding my XR50. I started this past winter series hitting our local track, but I didn't do so well, because I kinda outgrew my KTM 50 Pro Sr. that my mom had gotten for me to move up to that I had gotten for my birthday. I have the coolest zombie helmet. I chose this helmet because I like scary movies and blood, but mom won't let me watch anything past R.L. Stines goosebumps. All of my family has ridden bikes ever since they were little. My mom used to race, so she is able to help me out a lot with what she sees I need to work on. My step dad helps me out to. He made a really neat rack to put my bike on, so me and mom can take the car to the track and save some gas. I really enjoy playing with my friends on and off the track. We like to make a track and jump our toy fourwheelers and dirt bikes on. So far I am doing really well in school. I am making A's and B's. I really like second grade. My teacher is really cool. My favorite holiday is christmas because I like spending time with my family and not to mention the presents and candy. I love my mama's job because she works on an ambulance and she really helps people when they are hurt or sick.  I really look up to her because she is not only my mom, but she is also my mechanic and supports me in anything I want to try to do. On our off weekend and even after the race, we tend to find ourselves camping at Brown Mountain for the night and waking up to a day of riding then taking a big splash at Wilson's Creek at Brown Mountain Beech to cool off. I think it's so cool. Brown Mountain really helps me get ready for the track. It has many challenges that gets me ready for anything. I just have a really hard time with the rock climbing because my tires are so small.

Riding Goals

My goal this year is to podium all the races I can and hopefully I will place within the top 5 in the point standings with my Suzuki RM 65. I have been working really hard to get myself into shape and practice all that I can to get myself ready. I really cannot wait to see my buddies that I got to really know last summer.

Competitive Highlights

As of now I have 18 plaques from this years season, one medal, and a trophy. Not too bad for my first year. Since I began racing, I have moved up from being 7th to placing in the top 5 pretty regular. I don't have any first place finishes, but I have received 2 second place finishes and several third. I really enjoy putting pressure on the person in front of me waiting to make a move. I really like going to the inside, but seems like the others have caught on to that. Whenever I got my first podium win, I was soooooo excited. I almost busted my mom's nose with my plaque jumping up and down. lol...oops.. I like passing people and getting some air, especially on the finish line jump. I have been working on my turns to get through them faster and I have also been working a lot on my starts. I am finally getting to where I can jump and feel comfortable being in the air, but I cannot say the same for my mom, but she will get used to it.