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Personal History

Name: Tyler Valle

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Background:  I am fortunate enough to have grown up in sunny Southern California. Ive wanted to ride motorcycles since I was just a few years old. I didnt start riding until my teens but I was instantly hooked and Ive been riding, racing, and modifying bikes ever since.

Riding Goals

Although I ride competitively my main goal is not just to win races. To be honest, If I'm out meeting people who share my love for this sport and riding I'm happy. I continually push myself to step outside of my comfort zone and train in new styles in order to expand my skill set and further my riding.

Competitive Highlights

2/10/13 Apex Fun Race: 1st place

1/17/13 Sttars Apex round 1: 5th place

3/23/14 Sttars Grange round 2: 3rd place