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Personal History

   I just turned 16, I am 6'1 and 170 pounds, and love everything motocross

   I started riding motorcycles later than most kids, getting my first bike at 6 or 7 years old. My Dad had ridden since he was a little kid, so I really looked up to him and still remember him taking me rides in the driveway when I was little, and I loved everything about it ever since. I rode mostly trails and I even did the occasional GP when I was little, but never did any Moto. When I was about 9 or 10 my Dad, sister, and me all stopped riding, but in 6th grade i picked it up again and I have not looked back since. I played nearly every sport in school, especially basketball, but I never really had the passion for them like I did with my bikes, and so after last years basketball season as a freshmen I decided to just focus on my Motocross and schooling. I also love riding my mountain bikes, and I am also looking into getting a road bike as well. 

   Aside from two wheels, I really enjoy music, and my favorite subject in school is history, particularly WW1. I have a sister who is three years older, and me and her get along as good as any brother and sister would, as well as a great mother and father. I enjoy working for my Dad after school and during the summer, which besides has taught me about responsibility, has helped me work hard to reward myself. I also really enjoy working out and pe in school, and I love competition and pushing myself to improve.


Riding Goals

My goals for 2017 is first off to finish the Oregon and Eugene series strong and with the points lead. I have been riding very well and after these series' are over I will be moving up to the next class, 250 junior, as well as likely riding in Before the Hill junior as a second class. I feel that to the end of summer I can be contending with the upper edge of the class. I am also looking to race a few ORMA GP races as well. I have really been pushing to get stronger and more fit, and I only want to continue this for 2017. Overall, I would love to only improve myself and be the best rider and racer I can be.

Competitive Highlights

In recent months, my riding has improved greatly and at the start of this summer I found myself contending for race wins nearly every time I go out to race. I am routinely getting holeshots now and I am currently 1st in points in the Eugene series by a large margin, sbout 40 points, as well as 1st in the Oregon series by 18.