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Rider Updates

Jan 18 2014

I'd just like to thank my Lucas Oil for the support going into 2014! I really am blessed to be backed by such iconic brands. 


I'd also like to thank Dunlop, Factory Connection, Acerbis, Leatt, Gaerne, and Yoshimira who have now supported me four years running. I've also picked up MSR, Factory Backing, Cylinder Works, Hot Cams, Pivot Works, Hot Rods and Torc 1 Racing, while also re-signing Matrix Concepts and Twin Air. Thanks guys!

Jan 7 2014

Over Christmas I got a practically new 2004 CR250R! (Pictures coming later today) I'll be racing it next year in Collegeboy, Unlimited Am., locally, and Two Stroke B/C at Loretta's.


Also, I won the overall 2013 points series for district 13, and the Grand Championship Series for both 250C and Schoolboy II! 2013 Was such an awesome year, and I'm ready for the first gate drop of 2014.

Nov 5 2013

After this past weekend at Actiontown USA, I'm holding the points lead in both Schoolboy II, and 250C for the Overall 2013 Season, and Schoolboy II for the Grand Championship Series. I'm 2nd in points for 250C in the Grand Championship Series, and I hope to recapture the lead in that particular class as well as maintain my lead in the others at Birch Creek this upcoming weekend. This weekend will be a little bit of a challenge, as my race bike is in the shop with transmission issues, but I'm looking forward to proving myself this weekend nevertheless.

Apr 10 2013

Hi guys!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    After qualifying as an alternate for both the Northeast and Southeast Regional, I've been focusing more towards fine tuning my technique and form. This past weekend I had a great practice session at VMP on Saturday, and Sunday I drove up to Budds Creek to work on endurance and form. Both rides went really well, and I feel confident and comfortable going to the D13 race this weekend at VMP.


Mar 15 2013

Just posted pictures of my new graphics Throttle Jockey let me design. Thanks guys!

                                                                                                                                            - Tyler Perkins

Feb 22 2013

Tomorrow I head out to Elizabeth City for the Loretta Lynn's Quali. The weather has been really rough and it doesn't look like it will get much better throughout the weekend.

This year I've done really well at Elizabeth City and despite the weather, I should continue the trend. My starts are always awesome, and I've been physically preparing myself for the battle with the track, the weather, and the other riders.

Last night I put on my sand tires and new grips so I'm ready to rock!

Thanks for the support,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Tyler Perkins #13

Dec 3 2012

Best ride of my life yesterday. I gained two points positions in each class and finished the year 3rd in Schoolboy II and 6th (2pts from 5th) in 250C. Thank you all for the support and it is an understatement to say I'm carrying some momentum in the off-season. Goals WILL be achieved.


Once again, thanks.

Tyler Perkins #13

Nov 19 2012

Did RIDE Academy this weekend. I had an absolute blast and learned a lot. My corner ability and comfortability on any given motorcycle is at a level that I would not have dreamed of earlier this week.

RIDE Academy, a flat track school, is taught by Mike Hacker, former pro Harley-Davidson rider and current team manager. The school teaches flat track cornering skills, starts, flexibility on the bike, versatility, riding and cornering in hard pack and slick (muddy) hard pack, braking and acceleration techniques, and physical and mental control and endurance. The staff consist of former and current pros in supermoto, flat track, and road racing. The fundamentals and techniques taught in the course carryover into each and every sport involving a motorcycle. After completion of the 2-day school I can easily say I am not the same rider. The class is beneficiary to anyone from a professional level down to those who have never ridden anything above a bicycle. (Yes, several of each were present this weekend!) More info at:!

Sep 25 2012

Birch Creek was really rough but I managed some points out of it. In Moto 1, Schoolboy II, my bike blew the crank on the first lap but I was able to push it to the finish line to salvage some points. Luckily I had my practice bike ready for Moto 1, 250C, and was running up front until I injured my shoulder on the last lap. I was able to finish the race. Initially it was diagnosed as dislocated, but after my orthopedic looked took a look at I ended up just tearing some scar tissue from a surgery last winter. I have four more days of recovery but South Fork isn't until next week so I'll have plenty of time to train and put in work for a podium.


Thanks for everyone who has already resigned me! I look forward to representing you all and I hope to have everyone back for 2013!

Sep 13 2012

South Fork is coming up this weekend and it should be good. I've had some really productive training sessions (thanks to the guys at NSF) and look for me up front this weekend! Thanks for your support and I hope we can continue things into 2013!

May 5 2012

Due to improper track prep (tilling and watering) after Saturday practice, the heavy rainfall early Sunday morning flatlined anyone's hopes of racing. Few of the hundreds at the event ran in practice on Sunday and many bikes blew up or suffered other mechanical problems due to the track conditions. Therefore I did not participate at Amelia MX.

To counteract these situations in the future, I purchased a practice bike yesterday evening so I can 'test the waters' of these type of races. The bike will also be used frequently, especially this and the following week, in preparation for the next event, Birch Creek, on 5/15.

Thank you for the continued support.

Apr 28 2012

Moto 1

In 250C Moto 1, I had a good start but faded to the back of the 31 rider pack and spent the rest of the race fighting my way back to finish 19th, with   just a wheel short of 18th.

In Schoolboy II Moto 1, I suffered from exhaustion as my 250C race was back to back with Schoolboy II. I had an average start and rode a solid ride to finish 6th.

Moto 2

In 250C Moto 2, I pulled a holeshot but made an early mistake causing me to faded to the back. I put in an agressive ride that lead me to another 19th place finish, again short by a bike length of 18th. I finished 18th overall.


In Schoolboy II Moto 2, I had a terrible start due to a lack of clutch adjustment but I rode hard enough to catch the top 5 on lap 3. As I was trying to make a pass for 5th place, I blew the top of a birm/rut and crashed hard*. I ended up salvaging a 6th place finish with a 6th overall.

*Grade 1 concussion; I recovered fully within half an hour and will practice this week and race at Amelia this upcoming weekend. Bike suffered only minor scratches and scuffs.



In my first race in half a year, I showed that I have the potential to be a podium finisher only limited by my physical endurance. As the year goes on and my desire to win pushes me forward podiums will come and a championship should be expected.

Apr 27 2012

Track was great today! Unfortunatley two guys had to be med-flighted and several others were hospitalized after a couple of bad crashes today. On the flip side my bike never hit the ground and once again, ran exceptionally. I feel very confident and ready to go for tomorrow's race. Look for race results tomorrow!

Apr 25 2012

In the closing days of the (my) off-season, I thought I was finished with adding sponsors. To my suprise, Matrix Concepts gave me a big push in support, making my list a strong 13. This weekend at Budds Creek, and for the 2012 season, I will ride my 2010 (NSF) Honda 250R backed by Acerbis, AGV, AXO, Dunlop, Eks Brand, Factory Connection, Gaerne, Leatt, Matrix Concepts, Pitposse, Slick Off Road Wash, Throttle Jockey and Yoshimura.


Apr 20 2012

Today I spent about 5 hours at NCMP practicing and training for my first race of the season, Budds Creek, next week. The track was very dry and dusty yet I felt I performed very well and challenged a top regional rider who was also there. I proved to myself today that I have the speed to run with the top guys and become a serious threat in the promising 2012 season. I would like to thank Gaerne and AGV Helmets for the recent support and thanks to Acerbis, AXO, Dunlop, Eks Brand, Factory Connection, Leatt, Pitposse, Renthal, Slick Off Road Wash, Throttle Jockey and Yoshimura for the support throughout the off-season and I will get back to you with race results shortly!