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Personal History

My name is Tyler James Peterson and I am 23 years old.  I have been riding/racing ever since I was learning how to walk, and it's my passion.  Dirt bikes are the one thing that I can put all of my effort into and always get something in return, whether it be a win at a weekend race, or just leisure time on the bike with my best friends.  I try to ride every weekend, whether its just practice, racing, or single track trails. During the week I am a full time Prototype Machinist at TEAM Industries in Bagley, Minnesota. It makes it tough to find time to ride during the week, but it is a very fun and fulfilling job. 

Riding Goals

Be better a and more consistent rider.  I want to be able to start racing more B class races and have better fitness. Getting better on the bike is always my goal. Here are a couple goals that I've been working on when I go ride.

  • Stay in attack mode
  • Learn to ride while exhausted
  • Keep a good mindset while on the track
  • Trust the berm/rut and hit the corners with more speed

Those are just a few goals that I think about while on the bike.  There are other goals I give myself that I take off the track as well like being a good person.

Competitive Highlights

I've had a handful of races in the top 3.  There's some pretty fast locals and it's fun competing against them and trying to better myself.  

DMC Motorsports, MotoCity Raceway, D23
(5/8/21) Open C

3rd, 6th

(6/26/21) Open C   
 5th , 7th

(5/8/21) 250C

7th, 8th

(8/4/21) Open C
4th , 3rd

(8/12/21) Open C
4th , 5th