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Rider Updates

Dec 14 2010

After missing the first round from being on the road. I enjoyed my first arenacross race of my life and went from there. The following weekend was even better moving me from outside the top 10, into a tie for 6th overall. The saturday nights events I had to go through the LCQ into the "A" main but I did it and got off to a good start in the main event. I will miss another two rounds of the 10 round series because of travel costs. However I plan to make a push i the final 4 rounds of the series to move me into the top 5. Thanks to all my sponsors for sticking with me over the past few years going through my neck injury.

Oct 17 2010

I have been cleared to ride again after getting MRI results back last week. Going into this winter I am going to British Columbia to checkout some arenacross and possibly riding down in So Cal in the new year!

Sep 15 2010

Hello everyone, I am still recovering from a motor vehicle accident that occured this past winter. It left me with neck/shoulder pains throughout this race season and on a daily basis. I only raced two local races this season due to the injury. Next year I will be back in full force and much stronger due to all my time off. Just need to get more bike time and it will all come together for 2011.

May 7 2010

It has been 2 months since the accident and my headaches have totally gone away but there still is a pinched nerve that radiates into my left shoulder. I have been going to physio for 2 months and now I will be seeing a chiropractor to see if they can fix it. I hope to be riding by the end of the month at a Local race. This weekend is the local race and I have riden twice this year. I am recovering still but I am looking forward to this race that I will use to get my moto/race skills back. I may delay my start a little to avoid any pileups so I will be looking to charge through the pack for a strong finish in the top 10.

Dec 29 2009

Well I have a little bit of bad news, just a minor setback for training purposes. I was snowboarding christmas eve and I fell going down the hill and landed awkwardly on my wrist. I went to the hospital the next morning for X-rays and they put it in a cast. I have to go back Jan 8th for another X-ray but it is a possible scaphiod fracture, which is a bone in your hand. I hope it heals fine and I won't need surgury but only time will tell. I will keep my status updated for all sponsors to know where I'm at with my training. I won't let this stop me, that's for sure. I have some good news now about my wrist, it turns out not to be a scaphoid fracture but a major sprain of the wrist. It has been healing now for a few weeks and I have most of my strength back in the wrist.

Dec 29 2009

I just got my graphic kit in the mail today and i'm so happy with how it looks and how sharp my bike is going to be this spring. I would like to thank my new graphic kit sponsor, Flatout MX Decals for how great it turned out. It has all my sponsor's logos on it that are helping my out this season.

Dec 17 2009

I'm currently looking for a tire sponsor for the upcoming 2010 race season in the Southwestern Ontario CMRC circuit. I am on a self run race team and we are looking for some help. Two riders on the team are top 10 finishers in the Vet Jr class. One of the conditions of this sponsorship would be to have a canadian supplier for the tires so that I am not paying rediculous costs for shipping and boarder crossing.

Dec 7 2009

However, this have been put off for another year due to truck failure. But, on the better side of things, I purchased a nice 7x15ft All Aluminum flat top V-nose to move out west with but it will be very useful for this season. I am hoping to compete in the CMRC Areacross series this winter before the regular season starts in Spring.

Nov 26 2009

I just purchased a 7x15 all aluminum flat top v-nose trailer that I intend to bring my bikes and everything else with me out West to British Columbia to start a new chapter in my life. I am excited to be able to ride year round out West and have the choice to race in California as well.  I'm not sure there will be many races in AMA this year because I need to get a house and job out west to support this dream. However, I am excited to compete in the Jr Class CMRC series in the Vancouver area this spring. Thanx to all my sponsors for supporting me for another year and during this huge change in my life. I'll give it my best.

Oct 2 2009

I'm gearing up for the final race of the season at Gopher Dunes. I haven't been to enough races this season to be in the points race but I am hoping to have a good day of racing at the Gopher Dunes facility. I will be racing my Pro Circuit KX 250F with newly sprung suspension. It's just a matter of getting my suspension dialed in to take the rough terrain. Thanx for reading.

Tyler Schell #254

Sep 11 2009

Hello, I would just like to thank all my sponsors that have supported me this race season. I am happy to be supporting your products as well as racing with them. This season has been a lot of work on my part. Having to work fulltime and race on the weekend isn't easy but I have done my best this season to get to every race I can. There has only been a few but I am looking forward to a new chapter in my life and moving out West to British Columbia to go to school for a Motorcycle Mechanic in January. I hope to ride all year around out there and possibly go to some races in California as well. I will be riding the CMRC circuit in British Columbia next season. I hope all my sponsors will continue to stay behind me and support me and I will do my best in the JR class out West. Thanks

Jun 5 2009

I'm ready to get back on the track for some practice before I enter my first race of the year. I have been off the bike for more than 6 months so I need some seat time. I have been training this off season so I'm stoked about racing this year and putting in a full moto of agressive riding on my 2 -stoke KTM. I also will be riding a 04 KX250f but I am still learning how to ride a 4 stroke properly. I'm excited to support all my sponsors this year in the CMRC circuit. Thanks a lot for the support everyone.

May 10 2009

My bike should soon be running and I will let my sponsors know when I first race. The reason for the delay is because I haven't had the money to fix my bike up until this month. I will be putting in a new top end to have a fresh bike. The bottom end was redone near the end of last year. I will need some practice before I race because I have been off the bike for so many months due to the winter. I can't wait to win a few races and make my sponsors proud!

Jan 27 2009

Hello, this feb, 1st 2009 I am starting a intense training program from one of the best in the business, Gary Semics. I am hoping to gain some incredible indurance for this upcoming season. It is Feb 27th today and I am feeling better and gaining overall bodystrength for this upcoming season. In another month I will switch to a overall aerobics training program, which has a lot of motocross specific workouts as well as a number of Calisthetic excercises. I am currently following a stretching program on a daily basis which I hope will prevent most injuries this season. Today is April 10th and my cardio has shown huge improvements so far. I am still following my Gary Semics workout booklet. His workouts keep your heart rate up throughout the workout and focus on motocross related muscles (cardio and muscular endurance) and I have cardio days added in. Still stretching on a daily basis to keep my posture in check and my flexibility has increased. I am looking forward to starting the season very soon!

Sep 3 2008

I am looking forward to another good race this weekend at Walton. It is round 2 of the Fox Fall Hi Point series and after finishing last weekend with a 7th overall at Auburn Hills and my freshly rebuilt KTM working great, I am getting ready for another good weekend. Thanx a lot to my sponsors Osiris Shoes at Ridersupport.

Apr 12 2008

I was unable to race this weekend because of an unexpected delay that I received news on three weeks ago. On March 12th I sent my forks and shock to Factory Connection Canada to get a re-valve done on the forks and an oil change on the shock. However, three weeks ago I made a phone call to Factory Connection in Quebec to see how they were progressing with my parts and they told me that there was a fire and they lost everything in the building. My new forks and shock should be here before the may 11th race.....I got replacement shock and forks for a 2006 KTM 125SX which also fits my bike perfectly so it turned out okay. Thanks to Factory Connection for staying in contact with me and getting my new suspension to me as soon as they could.

Feb 14 2008

Some of those things include powdercoating the frame black, new top end, swapping from the old fatbars to new orange Renthal handlebars, the original 04' Red Bull sticker kit on new ktm plastics with custom number plates, ktm hour meter, new ktm radiator protection in place and also the factory connection forks will be fully rebuilt this off season.