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Tyler Weyman

Tyler Weyman

Age 24
Location Newbury Park, CA, US
Rider # 120
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I am 8 years old with a passion for riding Motocross. Its all I think about and want to do. I use a coach to help me learn the proper techniques and continue to work hard to become faster and smoother. I work hard in school to keep my mind...

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Rider Updates

Well unfortunately with MX its not if your going to get hurt its when. This was Tylers weekend. On his last practice lap he crashed over a big finish line jump on his 65 (he was making it fine the last two previous laps, but the last lap a kid crossed over from one side onto Tylers side and almost hit ty, when Ty saw him coming he backed off on the throttle at the last min which slowed him and he landed on top of the big gap jump instead of on the down side) He got flipped over and drilled into the dirt. He was knocked out and broke his wrist and forearm. He regained consciousness pretty quick and was listed as only a grade 1/2 concussion but his arm is trashed. He had a complete fracture of the ulna and radius 100%. The radius was pushed from his "thumb side" to the pinky side shifting his forearm 2-3 inches over. He was taken by ambulance to Loma Linda where they put him out and tried to set the bones the best they could but it is an unstable high velocity fracture so its tough to stabilize. At first we thought he was surgery bound but after consulting with two surgeons yesterday the consensuses is to cast it and see what happens. The only problem seen is that one of the bone fragments is sitting close to the growth plate, but as the Ortho said, "we can always do surgery, lets see if the body absorbs the fragment". I am grateful for Loma Lindas pediatric trauma center, they were awesome and did a great job of lining the bones up. He is in a cast from shoulder to hand and will be seen in one week to see how things are looking. The surgeon wants to keep a close eye and steady follow up with him to see how he does since he is in a high risk sport. Also, he can't move his arm at all right now since the fracture was such a high impact he can't move his arm due to the soft tissue damage and disrupted periosteum we want it to heal straight and strong. In two weeks he should be out of the "danger zone" so keep your fingers crossed. The worst part is that Ty is

Race Results

Date Event Class Place
Apr 20 2008 World Mini Grand Prix 11th
Apr 20 2008 World Mini Grand Prix 8th
Apr 20 2008 World Mini Grand Prix 10th
Apr 20 2008 World Mini Grand Prix 18th
Apr 20 2008 World Mini Grand Prix 12th


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