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Personal History

Born and raised in London, Ontario, I, Victorea Robbins am 22 years of age and the middle child of five. Growing up in the city doesn't always allow you to learn about sports outside such as hockey, gymnastics, baseball, etc. From age three until around age eighteen I played every sport possible, I was always active, kept my grades average and life never had a dull moment. At the age of eighteen I applied for the Royal Canadian Air Force and only two months later I got my offer as an Aircraft Structures Tech, accepted it and was sent away for my basic training in Quebec. For three long months I was pushed past my limits in every way possible but got through it, graduated and was sent on my way to college. After finishing my year of school I was sent to my first posting to Borden, Ontario. From there I was introduced into the Motocross lifestyle. I started off learning to ride on a 2001 Honda Cr250r but quickly switched to a smaller bike that I still own and love to this day. For my first year owning my bike I didn't ride it much, I was very hesitant but slowly learned the ropes of the trails and track. While still learning to ride I always made sure to attend as many CMRC and CMX races as possible and spend all my free time being with my Moto family. I was soon after posted out of Ontario to the great west of Cold Lake, Alberta. From there I spent my first year just getting use to the town and meeting new people who share the same great passion of dirt bikes and riding as I do. I am now in my second year in Alberta and I am up for the new challenge of racing. I am a hardworking, dedicated female rider who wants to achieve as much as I can with riding.

Riding Goals

WHY do you ride you ask! I ride because it brings a kind of joy to my life that I cannot even begin to explain. From riding our local sand pits or trails with my work buddies to riding the tracks near and far with my moto family, every time I throw my leg over that seat I feel as though I gain more and more experience and skills. Living in a city so North of Alberta comes with its ups (a splendid amount of trails), it also has its downs (snow till mid May). To deal with this I am always willing to drive the distance to be able to get in some ride time. 2015 riding season has already been filled with a 5 hour travel south to Calgary's Wild Rose track and the local sand pits / trails at least twice a week and once on weekends. Our track in town will open May 9th which will be when my track time will doubled if not tripled and my race skills will be worked on. As this is my first year I plan on racing ladies beginner and possibly mx3 beginner in the CMRC North Alberta series as well as the Midwest Amateur MX series. Therefore being my first year racing my goals are to accomplish as much as I can, stay in one piece and always keep my crazy positive smile and use 2015 as a practice year for 2016 to be my year to bloom.