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Personal History

Hey I'm Victoria Burton,

   I'm pretty tall for a girl I'm 5'10. I live in Idaho, which means that my town has drastic weather changes like snow, rain, blizzards, wind, and anything else that you can think of.

   Because of the weather I am unable to ride for a few months out of the year, Oct.-Feb. So with all that free time on my hands I go snowboarding or sledding. I bought my first snowboard when i was 8, because i wanted to be just like my older sisters. They are both amazing athletes so I tried my hardest to empress them. Which i did, eventually when i learned how to carve only a week into me getting on my board.

   Besides the cold snowy winters the summers are long and hot. When ever i have free time and aren't out riding i spend lots of time out at the lake. Its only a 25 min. drive so my friends and i hop in the car and spend the intire day out in the sun. I make sure to bring along my two saint bernards, they love the water.

   Before I started racing competivly, I played soccer for my high school and select teams. I first started playing when i was around 6 years old, and played up intell my sophmore year of high school. The stress of jugling riding three times a week and practicing was becoming to much. So I hung up my soccer cleats and focused all my attention on racing.

   Which brings me to where I am now, a senior in high school who can't get enough of motorcycles. I'm an absolute addrenaline junky.

Riding Goals

2009 Race Goals:

1. Take 1st or 2nd in the Rocky Mountain Motocross Series, Womens Class.

2. Place in the top 5 in the Utah Winter Arenacross Series in the Womens class on March 14th.

3. Ride 2-3 times a week, ( when the snows melted )

4. Take 1st place in more then four races.

5. Ride as much Arenacross as possible!

6. Ride smart and safe.

7. Don't get hurt, or wreck bad enough where Mom freeks out.

Competitive Highlights


  • 2nd Place Over all, Womens B, Eastern Idaho Motocross Association
  • 4th Place Over all, Womens C, Mountain West Race Series
  • 3rd Place Over all, Womens, Pocatello Motocross Park Series
  • 2nd Place, Womens 15+, Anual Dam Arenacross


  • 2nd Place Over All, Womens B, Eastern Idaho Motocross Association
  • 3rd Place Over All, Womens, Pocatello Motocross Park Series
  • 1st Place, Womens 15 +, Anual Dam Arenacross


  • 1st Place, Womens, Pocatello Motocross Park Series. (First Race)