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Rider Updates

Mar 29 2009

Mar 17 2009

Mar 9 2009

Feb 27 2009

Feb 26 2009

I really would like to do the race, it would make it my first enduro race. I think that I would do pretty well, and it would be nice to be the only girl there.

I haven't desided if I'm going to race it or not because there is another arenacross that I would also like to do. Considering that I loved the arenacross last time I am leaning more towards it. But I would hate to let down the PMXP track owner.

Feb 24 2009

I raced this arenacross last month for the first time, it was my first time back on my bike since October. In the first moto i took 7th place in the Womens class. Later on in the main event i stalled at the gate but was able to pass four girls taking 8th over all.

I loved the track, and can't wait to race there again on March 14th. Hopefully this time i wont stall on the gate ha ha.